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Abano Terme

Abano Terme is a popular balneological resort in Italy, 8 km from Padua. The city is relatively small, with an area of 21.5 km2, the population is just under 20,000 people. The main value and attraction of Abano Terme is the hot thermal springs, where the temperature of the water reaches 87 °C and it includes radon, sodium sulphides, iodine and bromine. The main indications for treatment in Abano Terme resort are diseases of the respiratory system and musculoskeletal apparatus, gynecological problems and neurological disorders.

The history of Abano Terme

The sources of the region of interest to us are described for the first time in the works of the Roman poet Claudius Claudian (370 - 404 years). And if to believe local legends, the strong hand to the basis of settlement was attached by Heracle, successfully executed dangerous tasks of tsar Eurystheus. A connection to this legend can be found in the translation of the word "Abano", which roughly means "relieved of suffering". More recently, the term is mentioned in a letter from Theodoric king of the Greitungs (circa 485 year).

Roman-established settlements were completely destroyed by the Lombard tribes in the 6th century and for almost 600 years Abano Terme disappeared from the maps of Europe. Only in the XII century the lands of the modern resort received the status of a commune and received a certain autonomy, which allowed investing in the development of the resort. In the period of the end of XII - middle of XIII centuries there was a huge pace of infrastructure development: bathhouses were built, the city was improved, recreation zones appeared. The viceroys of Padua put a lot of effort into the development of Abano Terme and this project was very successful.

The next stage of the resort development, as one of the most popular in Italy, took place between 1403 and 1797 years, when the land was taken over by the Republic of Venice. But the city, which until 1930 was called Abano Banya, was not affected by the change of power. At least for the worse, so for sure. The number of guests gradually increased, the resort expanded, and celebrities like Petrarch, Shakespeare, Mozart, Byron, Goethe and Petr Tolstoy began to visit. In general, over the last centuries, nothing has changed in Abano Terme, except for the emergence of modern medical centers, experienced doctors and other amenities of modern civilization. Here it is madly beautiful, quiet and peaceful - the conditions for treatment and recreation are ideal.

Attractions and entertainments of Abano Terme

Praglia Abbey

The monastery was founded in XII by Benedictine monks in a picturesque valley, which is reflected in the name: «pratalea» translates from Italian like “meadows covered place”. Over the 900 years of its existence, the abbey has been repeatedly destroyed, restored and completed, but its modern appearance has remained virtually unchanged since the 15th century. Praglia Abbey is a monument of Gothic architecture with elements of early Renaissance. Life still boils here: monks watch the garden and the large library, building up and translate ancient manuscripts, restore frescoes. You will be guided around the monastery, you will see the XV century church, the Hall of the Chapter, a cozy courtyard and a library. As a souvenir you can buy fragrant herbal tea, honey or natural cosmetics in the shop.

Museum of masks Amleto e Donato Sartori

Excursion to the villa of Savioli Trevisan is first of all interesting to see the huge collection of theatrical masks. The Sartori family calls the promotion of theatre art among young people the goal of such exhibitions. Amletto and Donato Sartori spent 77 years to reach the current level of museum development. The School of Comedy is open on the territory of the museum, where you can listen to interesting lectures about the art of drama.

Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Or St. Lawrence's Cathedral in our manner. It is located in the heart of Abano Terme, so you won't be able to get past it even if you want to. The modern architectural appearance was formed over the centuries, incorporating the best of Gothic, Neoclassical, Baroque and Renaissance architecture. Thus, the foundation was laid at the end of the X century, the bell tower was built in the beginning of the XIV century, the interior was painted by local craftsmen in the XVII century, and in the XVIII century there was installed an organ, restored in 1967 year. The acoustic in the organ hall is amazing. It is so shocking that there was a long talk in the city that the sounds of the organ heal sick people.

Park Urbane Thermale

A young landmark, construction of which began in January 1999 year. Abano Terme has always lacked a beautiful central park, where you can make an appointment with friends, go for a walk with your loved one in the evening and just relax after a busy day of work or medical treatment. The project of the famous architect Pavel Portogesi was perfectly realized, and Park Urbane Terme with its endless lawns, bicycle paths, paved sidewalks and, so far, small trees have become a real architectural gem of the city.

Euganean Hills

Who is tired of architectural monuments can go to the national nature reserve. In fact, Abano Terme is part of this reserve, so you can rent bicycles and go on a trip through the picturesque valleys and serpentine hills. Near the resort there is the medieval town of Arquà Petrarca and the fortress of Monselice.

Villa dei Vescovi

On the Euganean Hills, 10 minutes drive from Abano Terme, is the small town of Torreglia, where the very interesting Veskovi villa is located. The out-city residence of the Padua bishops was built in the middle of the 16th century and later is surrounded by a picturesque garden. Interesting are frescoes by the famous Flemish artist Lambert Sustriss, antique furnishings and the architecture of the building. If you like to walk around the garden and spend time at the villa in general, you can rent one of the two guest rooms and make a great surprise to your loved one.

Generally speaking, Abano Terme, despite its small area, has a lot of beautiful buildings, squares and monuments of religious architecture. Walk along the promenade of the Viale delle Terme, take a picture of the Republic Squares and the centre, visit the Sengiari winery for a wine tasting, experience the high art of the Montirione Gallery, or experience the spirit of the time in the ancient Abbey of San Daniel.


There are beautiful vineyards on the Euganean Hills that we know. And it is logical that there are wineries around them, the most famous of which is Sengiari. Their vineyards are located at the foot and top of the hill of the same name, and during a tour of the winery you will be shown the wine cellars, learn about the technology of harvesting and processing grapes, give a tasting of several types of wine, honey, oil and grappa. And in the shop you can buy very tasty and fragrant souvenirs.

How to get to Abano Terme

The nearest city with an airport is Venice, which receives "Aefroflot" and "Alitalia" flights. The distance from Venice's "Marco Polo" Airport to Abano Terme is about 55 kilometers, which you can travel by train in half an hour. There are shuttle buses to Padua from Venice. It's not gonna be faster on the bus because of the need for a change transfer.

Another airport is in Verona, from which Abano Terme is 96 kilometers away. There is also a direct train from Verona Porta Nuova that will take you in an hour and a half. If you don't want to be dependent on public transport, you can order individual or group transfer from both airports on our website: you will be met by a driver at the airport terminal with a sign and taken to the minibus. A private transfer with a group of less than four people is carried out by car.

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