Treatment osteomyelitis in Abano Terme, Italy
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Treatment osteomyelitis in Abano Terme

Inflammation of the bone marrow, affecting in most cases all bone tissue. Nonspecific osteomyelitis develops due to pyogenic bacteria or fungus, specific - as a result of tuberculosis of bones and joints, brucellosis, syphilis, etc. By the method of penetration of the pathogen into the bone, endogenous and exogenous osteomyelitis are distinguished. With endogenous transmission occurs through the blood from a remote focus, and with exogenous infection enters the bone when injured during surgery or from the surrounding soft tissue. Osteomyelitis manifests itself in different ways, depending on the form, location and degree of development. The first symptoms usually are: intoxication, fever, chills, headache, repeated bouts of vomiting, delusions, convulsions, heart rate rises, pressure drops, lips turn blue, face skin turns pale. Within 1-2 days a sharp, boring pain develops at the site of the lesion, aggravating even with slight movement. In 1-2 weeks fluid forms in soft tissues, phlegmons appear, fistulas, paraarticular phlegmons, secondary purulent arthritis or even sepsis may develop. If, after timely treatment, the foci of necrosis are not replaced by new bone tissues, then osteomyelitis takes a chronic form. Treatment of the acute form requires immobilization of the limb, a course of antibiotics, plasma transfusions, drainage of purulent foci. Purulent arthritis requires repeated punctures of the joints for the outflow of pus and the introduction of antibiotics. The chronic form often requires surgery to remove cavities, granulations, sequesters, excision of fistulas.

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