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Via Pietro d'Abano 1, 35031 Abano Terme
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Marina Overchuk 06.04.2019

A very interesting interior inside, the hotel itself as a real museum, you can walk for a long time on the first floor and look at everything. The rooms are in good repair, high ceilings and a spacious bathroom. We tried many procedures, the mud is very cool and useful!

Julia Gritsenko 05.04.2019

This is the nicest hotel in Abano Terme! Antique furniture, good location, helpful staff.

David Zuev 03.04.2019

Very high quality repair, good spa, convenient location, 20 minutes from Venice from Montegroto and a little more to Verona. Top-notch restaurant, varied wine list

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Expert opinion

“Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria” is one of the most luxurious in the Abano Terme resort. It is distinguished not only by a high level of comfort, but also by excellent conditions for a comprehensive spa treatment with a wide range of health-improving procedures.


  • own spacious medical and health department, in which thermal water for water procedures is supplied
  • the hotel has one of the most highly qualified doctors in the Abano Terme resort, with 20 years of experience in the field of practical balneology and mud therapy
  • 3,650 sqm spa with 35 spa suites for thermal treatments
  • all hotel rooms have balconies
  • hotel staff speaks English

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