Reviews - Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria 5*, Abano Terme, Italy, 2019 year

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Via Pietro d'Abano 1, 35031 Abano Terme


  • Abano Terme
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“Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria” is one of the most luxurious in the Abano Terme resort. It is distinguished not only by a high level of comfort, but also by excellent conditions for a comprehensive spa treatment with a wide range of health-improving procedures.


  • own spacious medical and health department, in which thermal water for water procedures is supplied
  • the hotel has one of the most highly qualified doctors in the Abano Terme resort, with 20 years of experience in the field of practical balneology and mud therapy
  • 3,650 sqm spa with 35 spa suites for thermal treatments
  • all hotel rooms have balconies
  • hotel staff speaks English

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