Treatment atherosclerosis of limb arteries in Birstonas, Lithuania
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Treatment atherosclerosis of limb arteries in Birstonas

Violation of lipid metabolism, due to which cholesterol plaques form in the arteries. Due to plaques, the arterial lumen narrows, impairing blood flow. In the initial stages, the disease may be asymptomatic or show chilliness in the fingers, intensified by sensitivity to cold. With the further development of atherosclerosis of the extremities, chills, numbness, burning or itching in the fingers appear (during exertion, and then at rest), fatigue is accelerated, fine motor skills of the hands are disturbed, convulsions appear, gradual hair loss, lameness, leg pain. At the last stages of development, cyanosis and swelling of the skin appear, it cracks, non-healing ulcers form, as a result - gangrene. Early treatment includes lifestyle correction, hirudotherapy, a cholesterol-free diet, a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages and smoking, physical activity, and aspirin for the prevention of thrombosis. With atherosclerosis of the limbs, periodic treatment is required in a hospital with droppers and physiotherapy. Ulcers are treated with ointments. In severe cases, shunting, stenting, prosthetics and other operations are performed, in extreme cases, amputation of the limb. The course of treatment in the spa hotels includes kinesitherapy, hyperbaric oxygenation, carbon dioxide baths, magnetotherapy, iodine-bromine baths, electric pulse therapy, red laser therapy, drug electrophoresis.

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