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Available 2 spa hotel in Birstonas

Spa Hotel Vytautas Mineral SPA

Birstonas, Lithuania

Spa Hotel "Vytautas mineral SPA" is located near a coniferous forest and a lake with a sandy beach, 600 meters from the river Neman.

Starting 120 € per 1 day

full board and treatment

Expert assessment

Spa hotel "Vytautas mineral SPA" combines in its walls modern interiors, excellent spa zone for rest and extensive medical base. Ideal for those who want to relax in a spa hotel and get strong treatment. The average age of guests at this spa hotel is 35-45 years. In my opinion, the main advantage of "Vytautas mineral SPA" is a highly qualified kinesiotherapist and a developed therapeutic program for the treatment of musculoskeletal apparatus, nervous system diseases and stress relief.

Spa hotel's reviews

8.6/10 Wonderful
Stefan Bobtchev 28.02.2022

no negatives

10.0/10 Exceptional
Anna Sour 19.03.2020

Very good!!! Would like to come again!

10.0/10 Exceptional
Milina Ruchman 19.09.2019

Everything's just great.

9.0/10 Exceptional
Inna Boiko 06.09.2019

I want to share my impressions of rest at Vytautas Mineral SPA. Had a family vacation at this hotel in the second half of August. Still carry in itself emotions and impressions from rest! I liked everything here! It feels like they're training the staff professionally. The staff is very responsive and caring with excellent English if someone wants to practice a foreign language. They will always ask how is relaxing and whether everything is okay, I would like to mention the managers at the reception, the staff of the hospital and restaurant, but especially Gitana, who conducted mud procedures. After such service, there was a desire to repeat, the highest degree of professionalism, which is undoubtedly 100% promotion of the hotel potential. We had three meals a day, which were very varied. Everyone has found something for himself that he likes, hungry and dissatisfied to stay difficult, always a choice of fruit and a wonderful pastry, you can treat yourself to the full. During our stay at the hotel we used the "space" library, a beautiful indoor swimming pool with a complex of baths, as well as the lake recreation area, in general - full relaxation. The hotel is very stylish, cozy and comfortable. As soon as I have the opportunity to be here again, I will have no questions about the choice of hotel.

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Spa Hotel Egle Comfort

Birstonas, Lithuania

Spa Hotel "Egle Comfort" is located near the pine forest on the outskirts of Birstonas resort, near the river Neman.

Starting 86 € per 1 day

full board and treatment

Expert assessment

The spa hotel restaurant provides excellent diet food, full of fresh vegetables and fruits, cooked for steaming dishes, etc. Many different procedures are carried out in the treatment department, including traditional mud wraps and baths, sapropel mud applications, oxygen cocktails, kinesiotherapy classes, and a vertical bath. Mineral water is supplied to the spa hotel as well as to the pump room on the street, it is partially filled with swimming pools. On the basis of the diagnostic department of the spa hotel perform blood tests, ECG, ultrasound. Spa hotel "Egle Comfort" offers quality treatment, many leisure options, including leisurely walks along the river, bicycle paths and trails for Scandinavian walking.

Spa hotel's reviews

9.2/10 Exceptional
Svajunas Statkevicius 21.11.2022

1. Quality of treatments 2. Location of sanatorium 3. Accommodation 4. Friendly staff

1. Procedures timetable and location is randomly set up, so you have go often between buildings A, B and C. Difficult if you have mobilty problems. 2. Rehab doctors consultation was 20and 10 min! What kind of evaluation can be done in such a short time????!!! So evaluation is superficial. Just to place the procedures acc. to the package. Call this appoinment better droctor´s suggestions than consultation. 3. Typical unhealthy Lithuanian food. The kitchen has to meet more international guests´needs and expectations.

10.0/10 Exceptional
Irina Nazaryk 08.09.2022

Thank you, we liked it. The staff is friendly, pleasant procedures, beautiful and charming nature, river, forest, peaceful rest. The menu is varied and delicious, the room is cleaned daily, special thanks to the maids. We recommend a vacation at the Egle Comfort sanatorium. We will be happy to come again .

10.0/10 Exceptional
Liudmila Golovenko 22.03.2022

Usually I am staying in Egle Druskuninkaj, this time I booked Egle Birshtonas. Place is lovely, but they don’t have all the treatments which are available in Druskininkaj resort. I did ask for the transfer to the Druskininkaj and it was arrange next day. Really happy with great quality of services. Also transfer from and to the airport was fantastic. Looking forward to my next visit….

No negatives, everything was just perfect!!

10.0/10 Exceptional
Ana Kravcova 31.12.2019

Everything was excellent . Thank you so much .

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