Treatment neurological diseases in Druskininkai, Lithuania
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Treatment neurological diseases in Druskininkai

The indications for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system at the resort are functional disorders (overwork, chronic fatigue syndrome, impaired attention, memory, sleep, anxiety and sleep disorders, phobias, disadaptation), neuritis, radiculitis, neuralgia, neuropathy, migraine, transient ischemic attacks. As well as conditions after acute cerebral circulatory disorders (ACCD) for spa-resort treatment (SRT), patients without medical contraindications capable of independent movement and self-care with a level of physical, mental and psychical abilities corresponding to a positive recovery forecast are sent to the climate-therapeutic resorts of the forest-steppe zone. Patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy without cerebral circulatory disorders and severe psychopathological disorders, including hypertonic disease I-II stage, are sent to medical climatic and balneotherapy resorts with hydrogen sulfide and radon waters. Spa-resort treatment is contraindicated for such patients in the event of a marked impairment in the motor area - paresis and paralysis and pelvic organs function disorders. After craniocerebral injuries closed (after 2 months) and open (after 6 months) without severe intracranial hypertension, capable of independent movement and maintenance, in the absence of epileptic seizures and mental disorders, they are directed to balneotherapy and mud therapy. SRT is contraindicated in the acute period of injury. In vascular diseases of the spinal cord and their consequences in 4-6 months after an acute violation of the spinal cord in the absence of movement disorders. After spinal cord injuries after an acute period of injury, no earlier than 3-4 months after surgery for mud cure and balneotherapy. Patients with diseases and after injuries of the peripheral nervous system (trigeminal neuralgia - with rare attacks and after 2 months and later onset of the disease, neuropathy of the facial nerve - after 2 months and later onset of the disease, neuropathy, tunnel neuropathy, plexopathy - not in the acute period rule on climatic and balneotherapy resorts. Patients with various forms of migraine in the interictal period or in the presence of rare seizures in the hot season at the climatherapeutic resorts. Patients with Raynaud's disease of stages I-III of different origin without pronounced vegetative-trophic disorders are sent to spa resorts. It is contraindicated for patients with Raynaud's disease above stage III with severe trophic, vegetative, and mental disorders.

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