Treatment respiratory diseases in Druskininkai, Lithuania
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Treatment respiratory diseases in Druskininkai

Regular spa treatment is indicated for almost all patients with chronic lung diseases, which affects the quality and duration of life of such patients. Medical rehabilitation is indicated for patients with prolonged pneumonia with a duration of more than 8 weeks with asthenia and metapneumatic bronchitis, clinical and radiological residual effects; COPD patients in remission above stage I; patients with bronchial asthma in remission with respiratory failure above stage I. Spa-resort treatment with an integrated approach allows achieving sustainable remission without the threat of disease progression and its transition to more severe forms. Patients with COPD in the phase of complete and incomplete remission without pronounced impairment of ventilation function, without bronchiectasis, accompanied by the release of abundant sputum, with respiratory insufficiency of not higher than stage I, are sent to climatotherapeutic resorts; patients with bronchial asthma (BA) of mild and moderate course in remission, with pulmonary heart failure not higher than stage I. For patients with moderate manifestations of bronchial obstruction, effective treatment is provided in a moderately humid climate of the Black Sea coast, in the Baltic States. These regions are contraindicated in patients with decompensated BA. It is inappropriate to send patients with asthma in the northern and eastern regions to the southern resorts in the autumn season because of the risk of exacerbation due to abrupt climate change. Treatment at mountain climatic resorts is indicated for patients with BA year-round, preferably from March to November. A special place in the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases is speleotherapy and halotherapy in the conditions of underground salt caves and specially equipped salt rooms.

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Spa Hotel Europa Royale

Spa Hotel Europa Royale 4*

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Spa Hotel Egle Comfort

Spa Hotel Egle Comfort 4*

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Spa Hotel Egle Economy

Spa Hotel Egle Economy 3*

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Spa Hotel Lietuva - complex Grand SPA Lietuva

Spa Hotel Lietuva - complex Grand SPA Lietuva 3*

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Spa Hotel Spa Vilnius

Spa Hotel Spa Vilnius 4*

From 81 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Belorus

Spa Hotel Belorus 3*

From 50 € per 1 day full board and treatment

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