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ул. Майронио 2, LT-66116 Druskininkai
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Mikhail Burshtein 08.10.2019

I would like to note the wonderful pool complex with saunas, excellent rooms for procedures, a friendly atmosphere, a thoughtful structure of buildings and passages, a professional honey approach of nurses and doctors. I want to express special thanks to the staff of the paraffin cabinet and the masseuses Kristina and Svetlana (CHIRO massage). Many thanks to your representative in Druskininkai Diana Zhekin, who helped us from the moment we arrived until the last day.

My wife has a comment about one large towel issued for the day, which was used in the room, in the pool, and in the procedures.

Niina Samovjuk 06.10.2019

Thank you. Everything was at a high level. Loved therapeutic facial massage Kobido - I advise it everyone

svetlana kazuseva 05.10.2019

I’ve been relaxing in this spa hotel not for the first year. An absolutely amazing place for relaxation and treatment. Highly professional medical staff. Great food with a good assortment. Polite and friendly staff. I hope for good discounts and be your regular customer. Regards Svetlana Kazuseva

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Expert opinion

Spa hotel "Belorus" is suitable for guests who need to undergo quality spa treatment using natural factors, as well as children who need to improve their physical and mental condition. "Belorus" is one of Druskininkai Spa houses with the strongest medical base. There are two pump rooms of mineral waters "Sveikata" and "Viltis", which are actively and successfully used for the prevention and treatment of metabolic and digestive diseases. I note that the wells of these waters are located directly on the territory of the spa hotel. On the basis of thermal water is conducted baths, it is also filled with a rehabilitation pool. The highlight of the treatment base is the presence of peloid therapy - in the procedures of "mud applications" and "mud baths" are used in a complex peat and sapropel mud, this combination was first used in this spa hotel. It has been proven that sapropel mud is good for the treatment of diseases of the joints, skin, gastrointestinal tract and gynecological diseases. I note that for the procedure "mud bath" mud is diluted to the desired consistency of mineral water. In "Belorus" according to modern methods, diagnostic tests are conducted, the results of which patients are assigned an individual treatment program. Children, including those with cerebral palsy, are also admitted for treatment here. All children are treated in a separate treatment building, where their rehabilitation is carried out by highly qualified medical staff. There are 2 swimming pools with mineral water in the spa hotel, one of which is the biggest in the resort. Over the past few years, rooms of all categories in the spa hotel has been gradually reconstructed, all of them comfortable, cozy, clean, equipped with a balcony. It should be noted that there are also rooms specially equipped for people with disabilities. The whole territory of the spa hotel has barrier-free access. The quality of food in the restaurant of the spa hotel at a good level. If you compare the diet in the resorts of the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and Lithuania, then in Lithuania, particularly in this spa hotel, more attention is paid to healthy eating, especially dietetic. There is a numbering system of diets here, and guests can get advice from a dietician, which will help them draw up an individual nutrition plan. Parking, in my opinion, here could be made free of charge, as auto tourism has now gained popularity.


  • FREE transfer from Vilnius airport
  • a large wellness center with a large swimming pool with jacuzzi, hydromassage and relaxation areas; a small pool with a jacuzzi and waterfalls; 4 saunas: steam, infrared with amber, Finnish and Finnish with Himalayan salt; salt room
  • the spa hotel uses water from two of its own mineral water springs, “Viltis” and “Sveikata”, for a course of drinking treatment and some water procedures
  • for the mud procedures in the spa hotel, unique sapropelic mud is used, which is delivered from a deposit in Belorus
  • extensive experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy
  • high-quality diet food, the number system of diets
  • residential buildings of the spa hotel are interconnected by a warm covered passage, and on December 1, 2018, a warm passage was opened between the residential building and the medical department, which allows you to go for procedures all year round in comfortable clothes
  • there is a private parking, a children's playroom and a fitness room

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