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Spa hotel “Belarus” is one of the leaders in Druskininkai resort in terms of quality of treatment. In many ways, he preserved the traditions of Soviet balneology, which was considered the highest quality in the world. Spa hotel is a "monopolist" for the treatment of children with gastroenterological, neurological (the spa hotel, in particular, has extensive experience in treating cerebral palsy) and orthopedic profile.


  • a large wellness center with a large swimming pool with jacuzzi, hydromassage and relaxation areas; a small pool with a jacuzzi and waterfalls; 4 saunas: steam, infrared with amber, Finnish and Finnish with Himalayan salt; salt room
  • the spa hotel uses water from two of its own mineral water springs, “Viltis” and “Sveikata”, for a course of drinking treatment and some water procedures
  • for the mud procedures in the spa hotel, unique sapropelic mud is used, which is delivered from a deposit in Belarus
  • extensive experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy
  • high-quality diet food, the number system of diets
  • residential buildings of the spa hotel are interconnected by a warm covered passage, and on December 1, 2018, a warm passage was opened between the residential building and the medical department, which allows you to go for procedures all year round in comfortable clothes
  • there is a private parking, a children's playroom and a fitness room

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