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В.Кревес, 7, LT-66126 Druskininkai


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The spa hotel "Draugyste" has a good medical base, but in terms of comfort and quality of food, it is slightly inferior to other spa hotel of the Druskininkai resort.


  • for 20 years, the institution has been granted a license for rehabilitation treatment of diseases of the organs of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems, joints
  • spa hotel "Draugyste" is located in the spacious central park of the resort, near the confluence of the Nemunas and Ratnicios rivers
  • attentive highly qualified staff works in the spa hotel
  • spa hotel has its own well of highly mineralized water “Draugyste” with a depth of 350 m, on the basis of which therapeutic baths “Surutis” are carried out for the treatment of joints, nervous system, skin and other diseases
  • in the southern part of the park there is a mineral water pool with underwater massage currents and cascades, sunbathing areas, landscaped sports fields and two outdoor tennis courts

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