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В.Кревес, 7, LT-66126 Druskininkai
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Irina Dmitriyeva 26.09.2019

Hello! I was treated at the spa hotel from August 31 to September 14. I liked everything very much. Excellent food, attentive and friendly staff. Good room. The most important thing was that they picked up the necessary physiotherapy, after the first session, the lower back and knee stopped hurting. The staff of the spa hotel were all the best. Prosperity and well-being!

Lyudmila Savchuk 18.09.2019

The days spent in the spa hotel were wonderful, I liked everything. Everyone was satisfied and got a lot of pleasant sensations. I especially want to note the procedure with visiting the bathhouse, pool and massage. It was amazing. And to top it off with delicious tea. We left the spa hotel with regret that good is fast ends. We hope to visit it in the future. Best regards for the pleasure provided.

BORIS GURARI 11.08.2019

Positive attentive staff and the spa hotel is located in a picturesque place, close to the park, supermarket, market, river .. the cleaning in the rooms and corridors is very high quality ..

The promotion showed a room in the central building, but I was placed in a small room in the colonnade where the Internet does not work good.. it would be nice to indicate the room number and its type when booking, i.e. specify ..

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Expert opinion

The spa hotel "Draugyste" has a good medical base, but in terms of comfort and quality of food, it is slightly inferior to other spa hotel of the Druskininkai resort.


  • for 20 years, the institution has been granted a license for rehabilitation treatment of diseases of the organs of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems, joints
  • spa hotel "Draugyste" is located in the spacious central park of the resort, near the confluence of the Nemunas and Ratnicios rivers
  • attentive highly qualified staff works in the spa hotel
  • spa hotel has its own well of highly mineralized water “Draugyste” with a depth of 350 m, on the basis of which therapeutic baths “Surutis” are carried out for the treatment of joints, nervous system, skin and other diseases
  • in the southern part of the park there is a mineral water pool with underwater massage currents and cascades, sunbathing areas, landscaped sports fields and two outdoor tennis courts

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