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Straße Egles, 1, LT-66251 Druskininkai
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Pioter Gelman 06.10.2019

We rested for 10 days from September 26 to October 5, 2019. We came here for the first time. We were delighted with the services, starting with the reception desk, doctor’s appointment, admission to the hospital, and all procedures. I am absolutely delighted with the cleanliness and order, from the attention of all staff and assistance in resolving any issue. Great location in a pine forest, clean air, lots of entertainment every evening. Games, dances. Many thanks to ALL the staff of the spa hotel (all health workers, employees, cooks, kitchen workers, cleaners, drivers, those who clean and beauty on the street in the territory of the spa hotel). I will recommend to visit this spa hotel to all friends in different countries. All of you health and well-being! Sincerely, Gelman family (Israel)

Consider providing dry rations for those who were unable to eat due to a late stay or early departure.

Lily Sheiman 21.09.2019

We returned this week from therapeutic rest from Druskeninkai. My husband and I are there for the first time. A very pleasant experience starting from a nightly reception and a subsequent stay, including of course the housekeeping staff, excellent food and of course the wonderful, clean air in the pine forest. It all leaves a good taste for repetition ... See you ...


Beautiful nature, excellent air, wonderful pine forests around. The staff is attentive and friendly. Procedures are performed clearly and on time. Perhaps the procedures are even a bit too much. The combination of therapeutic exercises, mineral and carbon dioxide baths, massage with walks along forest paths give a noticeable effect: the fatigue and depression that accumulated over the year in the body of a Middle Eastern resident gradually disappear, as if dissolving in the wonderful atmosphere of Druskininkai.

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Expert opinion

Spa hotel “Egle Standard” - has a very high-quality and multifunctional treatment base, which allows you to effectively treat a wide range of diseases. Treatment with natural factors - mineral water, sapropelic and peat mud is supplemented by a large number of physiotherapeutic procedures that are carried out by highly professional medical staff.


  • a multidisciplinary treatment base that allows treating diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, nervous system, respiratory system, skin diseases, gynecological problems
  • the chief doctor of the spa hotel Arvydas Balchius, specializing in rehabilitologist, therapist and psychotherapist, has 30 years of experience in treating and rehabilitating patients, has been with “Egle” since 1997
  • more than 130 types of health-improving procedures are carried out in the medical department
  • of the spa hotel “Egle” has 2 wells with mineral water and its own quarry, where sapropelic and peat mud is extracted
  • guests who staying at the “Egle Standart” (Buildings A, B, C) go to the hospital and to the pump room with mineral water through a warm covered passage
  • complex "Egle" is located on the outskirts of the resort, surrounded by endless pine forests
  • the wellness center has 6 pools with mineral water, including rehabilitation jacuzzi, Finnish, steam and infrared saunas
  • the restaurant is very attentive to diet, there is a separate table with salads, main dishes and steamed side dishes, pastries without sugar; a staff nutritionist is working in the spa hotel
  • FREE transfer from Vilnius airport to the spa hotel
  • in the next building there is a dance club, a library and an internet corner
  • FREE outdoor parking
  • bicycles for rent

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