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Spa hotel “Lietuva” is ideal for spa guests who want to combine a very high-quality comprehensive treatment with a comfortable stay. The spa hotel will completely satisfy the needs of customers demanding the level of service, food quality and those wishing to receive various treatment.


  • spa hotel has one of the most modern health centers in the Druskininkai resort
  • a wide range of health-improving procedures, including nowhere else in the resort
  • availability of own pump room with mineral water
  • medical staff of the spa hotel includes doctors of various specialties: psychologist, speech therapist, ophthalmologist, urologist, dentist, physiotherapist
  • own water park with a swimming pool 22 meters long and an ice cave, included in the price
  • “Magneto STYM” apparatus was developed, which was specially developed for the treatment and prevention of urinary incontinence in women with pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as for the treatment of prostatitis in men. Its action is based on the advanced FMS technology - functional magnetic stimulation, the result of which is to increase the endurance of the sphincter and pelvic muscles
  • at the beginning of 2019 year, the “Huber 360” multifunctional device was installed, training on which is effective after sprains and fractures, ligament injuries, knee or hip arthroplasty, for pain in the lower back and hernia of the spine, ischalgia, injuries of the shoulder and ankle joints. “Huber 360” is used to correct posture, strengthen muscles, postoperative rehabilitation, normalize blood circulation, prevent of falls and for other purposes
  • FREE transfer from Vilnius and Kaunas Airport
  • A new family entertainment center “O kas cia?” was opened for children of all ages, experienced animators work

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