Transfer to Ein Bokek (Dead Sea) from Airport Ben Gurion - Group and individual transfers at low cost

Transfers Ein Bokek (Dead Sea)

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Choose transfer date
instant confirmation
payment to the driver

You pay the transfer directly to the driver in cash

You will be greeted with a sign indicating your first and last name in the airport lounge

If your flight is delayed, the waiting time is free

After landing, please keep your phone number, which you indicated when booking, turned on, so that the driver, if necessary, could contact you

Please do not stay in the transit zone of the airport and after passing through the customs control go immediately to the waiting room

Group transfer prices

Ben Gurion Airport Hotel in Ein Bokek (Dead Sea) group transfer price for 1 person when ordering, capacity 1 - 8 persons 50 $ (44 €)

What is an “Group transfer”?

This is a trip with other people who travel in the same direction as you. During the group transfer, short stops and disembarking of people at destinations along your route are possible.
Advantages of group transfer: group transfer is the most economical transfer option. guarantees group transfer for all flights.

Group transfer prices

Individual transfer prices

Ben Gurion Airport Hotel in Ein Bokek (Dead Sea) the price of individual one way transfer per car, capacity 1 - 4 persons 230 $ (205 €)

What is an “Individual transfer”?

This is when you are traveling without other passengers.
The advantages of individual transfer: after arriving at the airport you leave at your destination immediately

Individual transfer prices

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