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Expert opinion

Spa hotel “Belvedere” I recommend to guests who wish to stay in the resort center in a calm and cozy atmosphere, for those who need to undergo high-quality spa treatment using natural factors - mineral water and peat mud. The restaurant of the spa hotel prepares delicious food, the quality of food is good, and if possible, guests are provided with dietary dishes and a nutritionist consultation. The advantages of “Belvedere” are the presence of mineral water brought into the treatment department and the pump room installed in the spa hotel building, as well as the fact that the “gas injections” procedure is based on natural carbon dioxide. Of the minuses, I note that patients need to go to the neighboring building, spa hotel “Dr. Adler”, for the procedures “vaginal irrigation” and “mud vaginal tampons”. There is no wellness center in “Belvedere”, rooms are not equipped with climate control.


  • mineral water is supplied to the spa hotel, which is used for a drinking treatment course and some water procedures
  • guests of the spa hotel are provided with unlimited access (on weekdays) to the complex of pools "Aquaforum"
  • the doctor is on duty at the spa hotel 24 hours a day

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