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Národní třída 12, 351 01 Frantiskovy Lazne
  • Quality of treatment
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Lyudmila Filippova 22.04.2019

Thank you for organizing our trip to Frantiskovy Lazne. Everything was well organized. Thank you very much for your work. We plan to use your services next year. Thanks again!

Nikolay Solodukha 10.04.2019

A hotel in the city center, excellent service, comfortable rooms, polite staff, all at a low price.

Maksim Petrov 06.04.2019

The city even inspires creativity a little. They chose Goethe because of its location, and did not lose. The rooms are good, the cleaning is regular (we actually were rarely in the room, we walked more). The food is of high quality. The room has a balcony, there was no noise.

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Expert opinion

Spa hotel “Goethe” I can recommend to guests who wish to undergo high-quality treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system. Women with gynecological problems and patients after oncology can also come here for treatment, but in this case, I recommend consulting your doctor before traveling. The treatment uses the natural factors of the Frantiskovy Lazne - mineral water, local, natural carbon dioxide and therapeutic peat mud, which is used in the procedures “mud applications” and “mud vaginal tampons”. The “Goethe” building is connected to the spa hotel “Savoy”, where a well-room for mineral water from the “Stanislav” spring is installed. The rooms are equipped as standard, some rooms still have old furniture, but they are gradually replacing it with new. I did not find any critical shortcomings of the spa hotel, except that it is necessary to go to another building for the “mud bath” procedure.


  • spa hotel “Savoy”, with which “Goethe” is connected by a warm covered passage, has a mineral water pump room “Stanislav” and guests of “Goethe” can visit it for a drinking treatment course
  • FREE entrance to the aquapark “Aquaforum” for guests of the spa hotel
  • nurse works 24 hours a day
  • the spa hotel is located in the center of the resort on a pedestrian street where cars are not allowed
  • the staff of the spa hotel speaks English

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