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Ruská 4, 351 01 Frantiskovy Lazne
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Valeria Lisiansky 14.08.2019

The spa hotel has a very good atmosphere in all aspects. The procedures are diverse, all rooms are clean, everything is accurate on time. You can, if necessary and have free places, change the time and even the procedures themselves. Nurses and treatment workers meet. Very friendly staff on the procedures, in the restaurant, at the reception, cleaning staff. Dr. Olga Gordienko made the most favorable impression on us with her professionalism, friendliness and informal attitude. Clean, comfortable rooms, daily cleaning, change of towels. The food is organized conveniently, permanent seats are assigned to the guests. The food is tasty and varied. Special thanks to the pastry chef: delicious desserts.

There are several disadvantages for whom what I write is important. In the spa hotel you have to walk a lot of stairs. There are several small slow-moving elevators that often have to wait a long time. The bathrooms have soap and liquid soap with a very unpleasant odor. It is advisable to have your own shampoos and soap. And for those who come by car. The spa hotel provides paid parking, but it is a 12-minute to 15-minute walk.

Liudmyla Bielikova 22.07.2019

Great hotel location. Near the pedestrian area. Good treatment. All on time. You never had to wait for the procedure. Free subscription to Aquaforum.

A very small room, especially a shower cabin, which is very difficult to enter. No air conditioning. Meals upon reservation. They did not always bring what is ordered. Very few salads and fruits. During lunch and dinner, even for money, you can not order either tea or coffee. Had to go after dinner to drink coffee. But beer and wine can be ordered for money.

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Expert opinion

Spa hotel “Savoy” as a whole is a fairly comfortable resort. Despite the fact that it is located almost in the center of the resort, it has a calm atmosphere that allows you to relax in a quiet environment. In the medical department of the spa hotel, you can undergo quite effective treatment of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems.


  • mineral water from the "Stanislav" spring was brought into the building of the spa hotel for a drinking treatment course
  • part of water procedures is carried out on the basis of mineral water from the "Stanislav" spring
  • FREE access to the “Aquaforum” pool complex, as well as the “Fitforum” gym in the building of the spa hotel “Pawlik”
  • FREE rehabilitation pool
  • the nurse on duty is in the spa hotel 24 hours a day

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