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Treatment in Frantiskovy Lazne

Frantiskovy Lazne resort specializes on the treatment of gynecological diseases and female infertility, diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. Also, the resort treats diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, chronic eczema, diabetes mellitus, is taken for treatment and recovery of patients after cancer. That is why Frantiskovy Lazne is considered the so-called multidisciplinary resort, as the local sulfur-ferruginous healing mud and mineral water with a high content of glauber salt are suitable for treating several forms and types of diseases at the same time.

Indications for the treatment of gynecological diseases in Frantiskovy Lazne:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the female internal genital organs
  • Hormonal changes
  • Functional disorders
  • Postoperative complications
  • Disorders of the ovaries and uterus
  • Infertility

Indications for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system:

  • Conditions after acute myocarditis
  • Conditions after surgery of the heart defects
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Conditions after myocardial infarction (not earlier than 1 year)
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Juvenile hypertension
  • Arterial disease caused by atherosclerosis
  • Conditions after thrombosis and thrombophlebitis (not earlier than 3 months after remission)
  • Conditions after varicose vein surgery
  • Functional vascular disorders
  • Conditions after reconstructive and revascularization operations of the cardiovascular system

Indications for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

  • Functional and degenerative spinal changes
  • Rheumatic polyarthritis
  • Extraarticular rheumatism
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Diffuse ligament diseases
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Ligament diseases
  • Painful tendon syndromes
  • Complicated osteoporosis
  • Coxarthrosis
  • Gonarthrosis
  • Heberden Polyarthritis
  • Condition after injury and surgery

Treatment after cancer:

  • After complex oncological treatment of breast cancer (including with continued hormone therapy), after carcinoma of the colon, rectum, sigmoid colon, stomach, esophagus, tongue, pancreas and other digestive organs
  • Tumors of the internal female genital organs (tumors of the uterus, ovary or cervix)
  • After treatment for prostate carcinoma and seminoma
  • After treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Indications for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • Chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines
  • Conditions after intestinal infections
  • Conditions after surgical treatment of the stomach, duodenum, esophagus and intestines (with endoscopic examination)
  • Ordinary constipation with difficulty emptying
  • Chronic diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract with lithiasis, in which surgery is not indicated
  • Sclerosing cholangitis
  • Disorders of the intestinal microflora
  • Prolonged dyspeptic disorders of the upper and lower type of functional origin
  • Functional disorders of the biliary tract
  • Conditions after surgical treatment of the gallbladder and biliary tract, accompanied by stenosis, cholelithiasis
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Cholelithiasis

Indications for the treatment of the urinary system diseases:

  • Prolonged urinary tract inflammation
  • Urolithiasis
  • Conditions after diseases and operations on the organs of the urinary system

Indications for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system:

  • Radicular syndromes beyond the stage of exacerbation
  • Polyneuropathy with paretic symptoms

Indications for the treatment of diseases of the endocrine system:

  • Complicated diabetes mellitus
  • Diabetes mellitus with progressive obesity

Indications for the treatment of dermatological diseases:

  • Chronic eczema
  • Psoriasis

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How is treatment carried out in Frantiskovy Lazne

Introductory examination by a doctor

After check-in into the spa hotel, the patient undergoes an initial examination by a doctor. A balneologist can give a referral for an additional medical examination by a narrower specialized specialist - a gynecologist or cardiologist, depending on the patient's complaints. During the examination, the doctor prescribes an individual course of treatment. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe additional tests (blood test, ECG, bicycle ergometry, echocardiogram). Therefore, it is recommended to bring with you the available results of tests, medical examinations, opinions of the attending physician (no later than six months ago) - which will save time and money on these studies.

Introductory examination by a doctor

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Feedback from our customers about the spa hotels in Frantiskovy Lazne

Vasili Volosin 12.02.2020

Nothing that can seriously bother me.

Spa Hotel Pawlik-Aquaforum (Reviews: 5)
Nadezhda Kremer 03.11.2019

From October 6 to 26, 2019 I had the opportunity to visit the Kiev spa hotel. From the stay there were only positive emotions. Loved everything here. Attentive doctor, a professional in his field. Friendly staff at the reception. Good-natured staff on procedures. Everything is planned clearly, there are no queues anywhere. The restaurant serves varied food, the cook prepares deliciously. Very convenient free choice of places. The room is large and comfortable, the cleaning is timely. Was in Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne, but I liked it more. It’s calmer, and for those who, like me, love walking along the picturesque trails, have unlimited opportunities for this. Beautiful parks with horizontal surfaces surround all four sides. I am very grateful to all the staff for the excellent treatment and good rest. I have a desire to visit Kijev again.

As a wish: it would be nice to use the swimming pool not only for procedures, but in the evenings for everyone. In other resorts where there is no pool, provide the opportunity to use the pool in the Aquaforum.

Spa Hotel Kijev (Reviews: 3)
Aleksandr Kondratev 30.09.2019

As it is said - three in one! Beautiful rooms, excellent food and all kinds of treatments including a wonderful pool complex!

Spa Hotel Pawlik-Aquaforum (Reviews: 5)
Yekaterina Germanyuk 27.09.2019

The resort remains my favorite for its beauty and ecology. The staff and management of the hotel are trying and doing everything possible to make the rest comfortable. This time I really liked the work of the staff at the reception. Thank.

There are fewer procedures than in previous years. I had to pay for the missing procedures. Disappointed with the rental of bicycles. Expensive bicycles stand in the open, with rusty chains, it became impossible to ride them. The quality and variety of dishes has deteriorated. Everything has become expensive.

Spa Hotel Pawlik-Aquaforum (Reviews: 5)
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How gynecological diseases are treated in Frantiskovy Lazne

Such methods are used for treatment:

Mud therapy (mud tampons, compresses), which improves the blood supply to the female genital organs, limits the formation of post-inflammatory adhesions, prevents secondary sterility. Mud therapy helps women who have undergone in vitro fertilization. The special composition of sulfur-gland mud from peat deposits of Frantiskovy Lazne produces the production of female hormones estrogen (they stimulate the maturation of follicles). The healing mud does not contain microorganisms, therefore it is successfully used to treat fungal and bacterial diseases of the female genital organs.

Mud therapy

Therapeutic mud does not cause an undesirable change in microflora in the female genital organs, irritation of their mucous membranes. Moreover, after vaginal mud tampons, the genital mucosa is thoroughly washed with natural mineral water.

Hydrotherapy (vaginal irrigation with mineral water) improves blood circulation of the female genital organs, and is an effective addition to mud therapy. Mineral water positively affects the microflora of the vagina - the activity of pathological bacteria is suppressed, the growth of lactobacilli is stimulated. In parallel, the release of hormones that affect the entire endocrine system of a woman.


Treatment by the natural carbon dioxide CO2 (gas seating baths), which expands capillaries, improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolic processes. In turn, increased blood circulation is an important condition for the elimination of congestion in the female genitalia, as well as inflammation. Frantiskovy Lazne is one of the few resorts in Europe where such a procedure is performed, as it has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic gynaecological diseases.

by the natural carbon dioxide CO2

Physiotherapy (physiotherapy exercises, including by the Mozhishova method) is an important component in the complex treatment of gynecological diseases. Physiotherapeutic procedures help improve blood circulation, reduce stagnant processes in the pelvic area, and absorb resorption of decay products in the foci of inflammation.


How the cardiovascular system is treated in Frantiskovy Lazne

Such methods are used for treatment:

Hydrotherapy (carbon dioxide bath, underwater massages), which helps to stabilize cardiac activity, improves blood circulation. The main procedure for treating the cardiovascular system is a carbon dioxide bath. Carbon dioxide tends to be absorbed through the pores of the skin into the body, it causes vasodilation, strengthens blood circulation, stabilizes the heart rhythm. Carbon dioxide baths are often prescribed for hypertensive patients to improve their condition.


Physiotherapy (physiotherapy exercises in the gym or in the pool, ergometric training on exercise bikes, light reflex massage of the chest area), which improves cardiac activity.


Gas treatment (dry carbonic bath). Dry carbonic baths also tend to improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure and heart rate. Dry carbon dioxide bath does not cause side effects in the body, and is considered one of the best procedures for normalizing the activity of the cardiovascular system as a whole.

Gas treatment

How the musculoskeletal system is treated in Frantiskovy Lazne

in Frantiskovy Lazne, local mineral water and medicinal peat mud are also used to treat the musculoskeletal system. Peat mud is used in mud baths and for local applications on a specific part of the body - it tends not only to deeply warm the body, increasing blood circulation and relieving pain, but also to saturate the tissues with useful trace elements. Mineral water is used to exert a muscle relaxant effect on the body, relieve muscle spasm, thereby reducing pain in the problem areas of the musculoskeletal system.

Such methods are used for treatment:

Hydrotherapy (mineral pearl baths, underwater massage, carbon dioxide baths), which has a relaxing effect, activates blood circulation, reduces pain. Mineral baths contribute to the expansion of the pores of the skin through which part of the minerals enter the body - this is useful both for the skin and for cartilage. Underwater massage is also considered useful, which in terms of its effectiveness is not inferior to classical massage.


Mud therapy (mud baths, mud applications). Mud procedures warm up problem areas of the musculoskeletal system and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Trace elements that contain therapeutic mud are actively absorbed into the pores of the skin, penetrate the bloodstream and act on bone and cartilage. in Frantiskovy Lazne, mud baths are prepared according to the technology providing the maximum therapeutic effect. Typically, in Czech resorts, 5 liters of therapeutic mud and ordinary water are added to a mud bath. In Frantiskovy Lazne, a mud bath is prepared from 85 liters of peat and exclusively mineral water (at least 120 liters) is added to it. Taking a bath with such proportions of peat and mineral water gives a unique healing effect.

Mud therapy

Mineral water baths with mud extract are also used at the resort, because such a procedure does not exert excessive heat stress on the body. It is prescribed to patients for whom the classic peat bath is contraindicated.

Natural carbon dioxide treatment (gas injections, dry carbonic baths) improves blood circulation in problem areas, eliminates pain syndromes. It is proved that the natural carbon dioxide of Frantiskovy Lazne has a much better effect on the body than the usual medical CO2, used in most Czech resorts. Gas injections with natural CO2 for a long time eliminate pain in the musculoskeletal system.

Natural carbon dioxide treatment

Electrotherapy (diathermy, diadynamics, magnetotherapy, ultrasound, laser therapy) relieves tension in the muscles, eliminates pain, warms up tissues, stimulates regeneration processes in tissues, eliminates inflammatory processes.


An important component of the treatment of the musculoskeletal system is physiotherapy, which helps to restore the motor activity of the joints, improve muscle condition and coordination of movements in general. In treatment, attention is also paid to improving fine motor skills of the hands (using special training devices for the hands and fingers), especially in patients who have impaired motor activity due to cardiovascular diseases.

How diabetes mellitus is treated in Frantiskovy Lazne

Diabetes mellitus occurs with metabolic disorders, accompanied by an increase in blood glucose. Especially serious are the complications of diabetes, manifested by vascular disorders, renal, neurological complications, which leads to an increase in the morbidity and mortality of such patients. Diabetes mellitus is not cured, but can be compensated. And one of the remedies is spa treatment.

Part of spa treatment is a combination of patient education combined with appropriate therapeutic procedures. The educational program involves an explanation of the nature of this disease, the importance of dietary measures, motivation to change lifestyle. The basis of spa treatment are movements, diet therapy, drinking regimen and therapeutic procedures.

How the gastrointestinal tract is treated in Frantiskovy Lazne

Treatment of the gastrointestinal tract diseases in Frantiskovy Láazne is possible due to the large number of natural healing springs. Mineral springs have a therapeutic effect in chronic diseases of the esophagus and stomach, chronic diseases of the small and large intestine, gallbladder and bile ducts and the postoperative state of these organs. Here is a sulfate (Glauber) spring. Due to its extremely beneficial effect on the functions of the digestive tract, liver and bile ducts, the mineral waters of Frantiskovy Lazne are one of the most commonly used waters for drinking treatment in general. In particular, Glauber III and Glauber IV salts are popular for constipation. Luční pramen has a beneficial effect on the subsequent treatment of diseases of the gallbladder and liver. Springs with a higher iron content - Železnaté and New pramen - eliminate postoperative anemia. With an excess of stomach acid and lighter catarrhal symptoms in the stomach, water is prescribed from Františkův, Luční, New Kostelní springs.

Treatment of the gastrointestinal tract is carried out under the supervision of specialists and nurses. The basis of treatment is a properly selected diet and the correct regimen for drinking mineral water, prescribed by the attending physician. Due to the treatment, the proper functioning of the digestive organs is restored, the guest is explained the important role of a balanced diet, and the diet is taught.

Despite the fact that Frantiskovy Lazne has 24 springs of mineral water, its mineral composition does not allow treating the gastrointestinal tract with such a degree of effectiveness as in resorts where gastric treatment is their main specialization. At the same time, mineral water of Frantiskovy Lazne nevertheless has a certain therapeutic effect on the gastrointestinal tract. For example:

  • Frantishka spring used for mild digestive disorders.
  • Cartelier spring is used in case of appetite, lung catarrh.
  • Meadow spring is used in some diseases of the gallbladder, stomach and intestines.
  • Pallardi spring is used for lung catarrh of the stomach and anorexia.
  • Glauber 1 spring has a mild laxative effect, is used for catarrh of the stomach and intestines.
  • Glauber 2 spring has a slightly weaker effect on the digestive tract than Glauber 1.
  • Glauber 3 and Glauber 4 springs have a strong laxative effect.
  • Sunny spring and Stanislav spring have a mild laxative effect, are used for lung catarrh.

In addition, in Frantiskovy Lazne there are other springs that are used in the treatment of kidneys, urinary tract, and respiratory tract. For example:

  • Glandular spring (saturated with iron) and New spring are used for anemia.
  • Salt spring used in chronic catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, with gout.
  • Sofya and Natalya springs are used for diseases of the kidneys and bladder.

How dermatological diseases are treated in Frantiskovy Lazne

Frantiskovy Lazne sulfur-glandular peat has been proven to be effective in treating patients with eczema and other skin diseases, especially because of its pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Sulfur peat has historically been used in the treatment of psoriasis and chronic eczema. The antimycotic, bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects of local peat are effective in the treatment of chronic bacterial and fungal diseases of the female external genital organs. A comprehensive treatment program also includes hydrotherapy in sulfur-containing springs with a pronounced keratolytic effect.

Exercises and other procedures help reconfigure the body, because, as you know, a significant percentage of atopic eczema, as well as psoriasis, is of psychological origin. The mild sub-mountain climate also has a positive effect on the overall sedation and readjustment of patients with skin diseases.

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Contraindications for treatment in Frantiskovy Lazne

  • Cardiovascular diseases in decompensation stage
  • Benign and malignant tumors
  • Infectious diseases in the active stage
  • Active tuberculosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Decompensated diabetes mellitus
  • Renal or liver failure
  • Pregnancy
  • Some procedures are contraindicated during menstruation

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