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Hotel Delibab

Hajdúszoboszló, József Attila u. 5-7., 4200 Hajduszoboszlo
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Reviews about Hotel Delibab

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serhiy shevchuk 06.01.2020

Thermas at the hotel, in winter it's important; the food during Catholic Christmas is varied and exquisite; the staff is attentive - my wife lost her earring and in the evening the loss was at the reception; there's an aquapark entrance from the hotel; car parking lot

In winter, the air in the town is soaked in smoke; WiFi in the rooms disappears periodically; the water has an effect on the body - you have to be careful with hypertension; there's Hungarian lard for breakfast, but no oatmeal; no medical procedures at the weekend; all of the above are little things