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Petofi Sandor utca 9, H-8380 Heviz
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Helen Fatkulbayanova 22.03.2020

Hotel near the lake. A ticket for 10 hours gave us the opportunity to go to the baths 5 times or 5 days in a row. Good support was provided by our guide, Lajos, especially when visiting a doctor. Very pleasantly surprised by the doctor's professionalism in the clinic, the examination and recommendations for treatment were thorough.

The food at the hotel is varied, but some dishes are salty.

Irina Sukhikh 17.10.2019

excellent food organization and the range of meals, perfect organization of transfers and good work of the company representative

Motyleva Valentina 08.10.2019

Thank you very much for the opportunity to rest on Heviz in the spa hotel Panorama. The main thanks, of course! The organization of the holiday is impeccable, you can not think about anything, for you everything is arranged: and transfer and communication with a representative of the company, nothing to complain about. I will use the services of this company in the future. I receive very useful information from you to e-mail. As for Panorama itself, in general it is good. The desire for breakfast to change the assortment more often and more dairy dishes. With respect, Valentina!

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Expert opinion

Spa hotel "Hungarest Panorama" I recommend to those guests who want to stay in the center of the resort near the thermal lake Heviz and those who do not require comfort. The comfort level of the rooms is average, they are not equipped with climate control system, but I consider the presence of a balcony in each room as a plus. The quality of food, in principle, is good, the choice of dishes on the buffet is wide, but dietary dishes are not seen. But for breakfast guests are provided with standard drinks - tea, low quality coffee and water-diluted juices. For the doctor's appointment and treatments, guests go to the town hospital, which is connected to the spa hotel with a warm indoor passage, where they are provided with classic procedures for Heviz resort. The advantage of the spa hotel is that it has its own parking lot and is located near lake Heviz. Personally, I advise guests not to attend the thermal pool in the spa hotel, but to go swimming on the lake, which has a better effect on the body in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


  • excellent location relative to the thermal lake Heviz
  • guests of the spa hotel have the opportunity to visit lake Heviz for FREE.
  • The medical center "Saint Andreas" is supplied with thermal water for some water procedures
  • availability of a swimming pool at the health centre
  • airport-to-hotel free transfer

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