Treatment infectious arthritis in Jachymov, Czech Republic
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Treatment infectious arthritis in Jachymov

Inflammatory joint disease caused by the pathogenic effect of bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi. Most often affects the joints of the legs and hands. Symptoms of infectious arthritis include: severe pain in the joint (including at rest), swelling, deformity, increase in the joint, local redness and increase in skin temperature. Gonococcal arthritis is manifested by numerous skin and mucous eruptions, arthralgia, tenosynovitis. Tuberculous arthritis is accompanied by local synovitis and general intoxication. Associated with brucellosis arthritis is accompanied by fever, chills, sweating, lymphadenitis, spleno- and hepatomegaly. In case of arthritis of a fungal etiology, mycotic bone damage is possible, fistulas are formed. The treatment consists in the complete immobilization of the affected joint with the subsequent smooth expansion of the motor mode, according to indications the joint lavage, sanation, arthrotomy, removal of the infected endoprosthesis are performed. In parallel, a course of antibiotics, NSAIDs, antifungal drugs, chemotherapy drugs are prescribed, depending on the etiology of arthritis. During the rehabilitation period, the patient attends exercise therapy and massage, undergoes physiotherapy, balneotherapy treatment.

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