Charcot shower in Jachymov - indications and contraindications
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Charcot shower in Jachymov

The procedure uses alternately hot (38-40 °C) and cold (18-20 °C) water. Charcot shower (Scottish douche) has a very tonic effect, improves blood circulation, activates the immune system and metabolism. This procedure also massages well and relieves muscle pain in degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Also shown in patients with circulatory disorders of the upper and lower extremities. Restrictions to the procedure: varicose veins and some skin diseases. Contraindications: pronounced cardiovascular pathologies (angina, heart attack), exacerbation of hypertension, fever, acute inflammation, tuberculosis, oncology, bleeding tendency, psychosis, weeping eczema. Duration - 15 minutes.

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