How to choose best hotel in Jurmala, Latvia

How to choose a spa hotel in Jurmala

Dear friends! In this article we will talk about how to decide on the right choice of the spa hotel in Jurmala resort in Latvia. We will compare Jurmala spa houses presented on our website by several criteria, namely their location relative to the Baltic Sea, level of comfort, quality of food, and most importantly - the quality of therapeutic facilities. People come to Jurmala with diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, gastrointestinal tract, cardio-vascular system and skin diseases. There are also gynaecological programmes at the resort, you can bring your children for rehabilitation or just take a recovery course. The advantageous location of Jurmala, literally drowning in pine forests, near the sea and dunes, makes it possible to apply climatotherapy methods, in particular for guests with respiratory system diseases.


As for the location relative to the Baltic Sea, all the holiday homes in Jurmala are in close proximity to it. The closest spa hotel is "Pegasa Pils" - 150 m, followed by the spa hotel "Belorusija" - 250 meters, spa hotel "Jantarnij Bereg" - 400 meters and hotel "Jurmala Spa", which is 500 meters to the sea.

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The next criterion for comparison is comfort, namely room service, swimming pool and spa area, parking and other amenities and services that contribute to a good rest.

Spa Hotel Belorusija

Spa hotel "Belorusija" is located 250 meters from the sea, surrounded by pines. The air is gorgeous here! In 2017, the rooms at the spa hotel underwent a comprehensive reconstruction, all equipped with balconies and electronic door locks. In most rooms of the category "Plus", the beds can be extended. There are family beds in rooms of the category "Suite Plus", do not move apart. We want to note the mattresses on which it was convenient to sleep, and good sound insulation in the rooms. The bathrooms have only showers, a small towel dryer, hair dryer, shower cosmetics. In the category "Plus" bathrobes are provided for a surcharge, in the category "Suite Plus" - free of charge. The rooms have a small refrigerator, electronic safe and Wi-Fi internet connection. All this is free for guests. In short, the rooms have a good level of comfort. Detailed video and room descriptions can be viewed on the page of the spa hotel in the section "Rooms". For the convenience of moving guests around the spa hotel there are 2 elevators in the building, there is parking for an extra fee.

We pay attention to the fact that the spa hotels are full of children who come both for treatment and prevention. For them there are thematic evenings, there is a disco, for adults there are also dancing evenings. Live music is played in the restaurant several times a week. Directly in the building of the spa hotel there is a swimming pool with size 25x8 meters, filled with mineral water. Visiting the pool (at the time of writing this article) is carried out only as a procedure, there are physical exercises with a physiotherapist. The complex has several types of saunas, a small fitness room, table tennis, billiards, bicycle rental and a library. The spa hotel "Belorusija" has its own medical center, where several doctors of different specialisation work. Also in a building of the spa hotel there is a drinking pump of mineral water. We consider the medical and health-improving department to be of the highest quality in the resort, based on a wide range of offered procedures and examinations. We especially want to note all the staff of the spa hotel - all are friendly and welcoming, which is not only our subjective opinion, but also the guests with whom we talked confirmed it.

Hotel Jurmala Spa

Next resort house – hotel "Jurmala Spa". Rooms are qualitatively equipped, each has a climate control system, which is very convenient in the hot season. In the rooms "Standard" and "Superior" there are shower cabins in the bathroom, where the presence of a curtain instead of a classic door is considered a disadvantage. Rooms in the category "Suite" have a bath or shower in the bathroom. There are balconies in the rooms of the highest category: double "Superior" and "Suite", in double rooms "Standard" there is only a French balcony. Bathrobes are provided: in double rooms "Standard" - only when staying with a package with procedures, in "Superior" and "Suite" there is a bathrobe by default. The rooms are in pleasant, light colours. Internet connection via Wi-Fi, for guests free of charge.

The spa center of the hotel was renovated in 2018, it is equipped with 4 small swimming pools, all filled with fresh water, one of them is 10x10 m, equipped specifically for gymnastics. It is also equipped with hydromassage jets. One of the swimming pools, measuring 10x12 m, is equipped with whirlpool beds as well as whirlpool jets around the perimeter. It also has a bar where you can make an order without leaving the swimming pool. There is also a pool for children and a jacuzzi in the spa area. There are 6 types of saunas, one of which is a children's room with low temperature and a TV inside, which broadcasts cartoons. There are sun loungers throughout the spa area, where guests can relax. For ease of movement, the hotel has several elevators, there is parking for 80 cars, free for guests. We would like to remind you that the spa hotel "Jurmala Spa" is 500 meters away from the sea shore. But we pay attention to the fact that the hotel does not have a medical base, as such, the hotel conducts mostly wellness procedures.

Spa Hotel Jantarnij Bereg

Spa hotel "Jantarnij Bereg" is located 400 meters from the sea, the building is surrounded by pine forest, around the silence and clean air. A good place at any time of year. The building of the spa hotel has been in need of repair for many years, but despite this, the number of guests here every year is not decreasing. Rooms are equipped with beds, which in some categories cannot be extended. The mattresses aren't bad, by the way. The rooms have a TV, refrigerator, each room has a spacious balcony. There's parquet all over the floor. In addition to double rooms, the spa hotel has a spacious double and triple rooms. The bathrooms have a bathtub everywhere. There is a hairdryer, a small towel dryer, safes and bathrobes in the rooms, but they can be requested at reception for an additional fee. The double and triple rooms have an electric kettle and glasses. During our stay the rooms were well cleaned, guests also said that there were no problems with it at the spa hotel. All rooms have Wi-Fi, but the signal is unstable - maximum to read articles from the internet. To watch a video or quality conversation, you need to be near the reception. We remind you that detailed video and description of rooms can be viewed on our website in the section "Rooms" for each spa hotel.

At the spa hotel "Jantarnij Bereg" for the convenience of traveling guests installed several elevators, but we want to note that going down to the hospital, to the doctor's office, for some procedures and to the drinking water supply will have to be on the steps - the elevator is not provided there. The spa hotel has its own parking for an extra fee, there is a small fitness room, table tennis, billiards, on the floors of the spa hotel there is chess and checkers, outdoor tennis court, there are entertainment evenings in the concert hall. Dance evenings are held twice a week in the hall. The spa hotel also has its own 20x8 meter swimming pool, it is filled with fresh water, guests can visit it at any time, free of charge, except for hours of gymnastics. There is its own therapeutic base, where mineral hydrogen sulphide water is supplied from the spring, which is used for water procedure. Another spring of calcium chloride water is used in drinking cures. It should be noted that the spa hotel employs 12 doctors of various specialties. Some of them have more than 40 years of medical practice. Based on this, we can safely say that the treatment in "Jantarnij Bereg" is at a good level. Not to be overlooked also qualified medical staff and in general the staff of the spa hotel - all polite and conscientious perform their work. The nature here is magnificent, the combination of pine forest and seaside works wonders with health and mood.

Spa Hotel Pegasa Pils

Of all the hotels on our website, the spa hotel "Pegasa Pils" is the closest to the sea, 150 meters away. The spa hotel consists of two small buildings, one of which has a reception and a restaurant, the other has rooms and a wellness spa center. To get from building to building, you need to walk about 30 meters. Rooms are well equipped: there is a refrigerator, bathrobes and slippers are provided, there is a balcony in most rooms, all rooms have climate control system. Also the bathrooms have a bath, there is no towel dryer, but some rooms have a small radiator with a temperature regulator in the bathroom. An electric kettle can be ordered in the room upon request. Connection to the internet via Wi-Fi, free of charge. The floor has both laminate and carpeting. The disadvantages are: no shower cubicles. The spa hotel has its own parking for 30 cars, and seats are available for free. Spa hotel "Pegasa Pils" is currently focused not on classic spa and wellness treatment, but on spa rest, so if you need quality and efficient treatment, we recommend to consider the spa hotels "Belorusija" and "Jantarnij Bereg".


At the beginning we should mention the spa hotels "Belorusija" and "Jantarnij Bereg", where in recent years the food is maintained at a decent level, there is a dietary program, which is paid special attention in these spa hotels, a nutritionist works on there. The quality of preparation of dishes at an excellent level, good range, a lot of greens and salads are served. For breakfast, porridges on water and sour milk products are always served. As children come to the spa hotel "Belorusija" for treatment and recovery, the food is necessarily present a special diet for them. Not to be overlooked are the meals at the spa hotels "Jurmala" and "Pegasa Pils", where they are also prepared delicious and healthy, despite the fact that the staff does not have a nutritionist. At the "Jurmala Spa" lunches and dinners are carried out by choice from the menu, but if there are many guests in the hotel, lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast, are carried out in the form of a buffet. In general, the meals in any of the resort houses in Jurmala have no negative aspects. Detailed information about meals in each of the spa hotels and resorts can be found by watching our author's videos posted on their pages on the website


Our portal contains spa hotels in Jurmala. Among spa hotels we would like to highlight spa hotels "Belorusija" and "Jantarnij Bereg". In these two medical institutions you can get classic complex spa and wellness treatment. "Jurmala Spa" and "Pegasa Pils" are two spa hotels that are suitable for wellness programs. They have spa centres and wellness areas that offer wellness, general refreshment and cosmetic treatments. Evaluating the treatment bases of the two spa hotels, "Belorusija" and "Jantarnij Bereg", it must be said that they have existed for quite a long time and the treatment bases are equipped with both new and proven technology made during the times of the Union. The staff of these spa hotels is equipped with a sufficient number of specialists and the patient, being in spa treatment, can get advice from an urologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, ENT and other specialists.

Both spa hotels accept children from 3 years old for treatment, and pediatricians treat them there. Distinctive feature of spa hotels is that on their territory there are springs. At the spa hotel "Belorusija" is a spring, which is prescribed for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The water is enriched with magnesium and has a bitter taste. This water is highly mineralized, so before you start a drinking treatment, you should always get a doctor's recommendation. In the area of the spa hotels "Belorusija" and "Jantarnij Bereg" there are springs, which are used for balneotherapy, in particular for baths based on mineral water. In our opinion, the spa treatment in Jurmala will be most effective if you pass it at spa hotels "Belorusija" or "Jantarnij Bereg".

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