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Reviews about Spa Hotel Jantarnij Bereg

Zvīņu iela 2, LV-2012, Latvia Jurmala
  • Quality of treatment
  • Quality of accommodation
  • Food quality
  • Staff work
  • Location of the spa hotel

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Raimonds Maksims 30.03.2020

Friendly medical and service staff. I especially want to mention physiotherapist Mara Strautmane. Great location. Not a bad entertainment program in the evenings. It is very convenient that all procedures are conducted before lunch, from here there is enough free time for walks and rest.

The building needs renovation, the windows haven't been washed in a long time. Room cleaning leaves much to be desired. The back stairs between the floors are not cleaned and buried with dead flies. The quality of food is at the level of the Soviet dining room.

Larisa Zhimolokhova 23.03.2020

My son and I rest in this spa hotel all the time. I like everything: and the friendly attitude of all staff, and a wonderful delicious variety of food, and a convenient location near the sea and pine forest, and interesting activities!

Spa Hotel Jantarnij Bereg Answer from Spa Hotel Jantarnij Bereg

Dear Larisa! Thank you for your loyalty! It is very important for us! We are always happy to meet you!

Liliya Martynova 18.03.2020

friendly staff, good balanced nutrition, sea and coniferous air complete the picture.

Room cleaning leaves much to be desired. I would like the doctor to write down the procedures more clearly with clear room numbers. It's advisable to do it on a separate sheet, sequencing the procedures for the whole day.

Tatjana Muratova 13.02.2020

Responsive staff, good nutrition

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Expert opinion

Spa hotel “Jantarnij Bereg” is one of the leaders in the quality of treatment of the musculoskeletal apparatus, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, skin diseases in Jurmala. This is facilitated by a multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic base, multidisciplinary doctors. The spa hotel is ideally suited for the treatment of children, as it is located in a pine forest, where there is always clean ionized air, near the sea shoreline.


  • there are 3 drinking springs with curative mineral water right in the building
  • wellness area with its own 20x8 m fresh water pool, where group treatments with a trainer, Finnish sauna and solarium are held
  • there is a salt room for halotherapy
  • the spa hotel employs 12 experienced doctors of various specialisations, some of them have more than 40 years of practice
  • the restaurant has a high level of dietary food, the spa hotel has a highly qualified nutritionist
  • the spa hotel is located in the forest, 5 minutes walk from the seashore, there are routes of varying difficulty for Nordic walking
  • there are small fitness room, table tennis, billiards, on the floors of the spa hotel there are chess and draughts, open tennis court, in the concert hall there are entertaining evenings, in the hall twice a week there are dancing evenings
  • all rooms of the spa hotel are equipped with balconies and have a beautiful view of the forest
  • there is private parking

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