Treatment diseases of the digestive system (gastrointestinal tract) in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
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Treatment diseases of the digestive system (gastrointestinal tract) in Karlovy Vary

Spa-resort treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is possible at any time of the year. The basis of complex treatment is drinking water treatment with natural mineral water and diet therapy. In addition, balneotherapy and apparatus physiotherapy, exercise therapy, aromatherapy, etc. are used. For balneotherapy use iodide-bromine, sodium chloride, carbonic, sulphide, sulphide-carbonic, radon waters, conifers. Comprehensive treatment allows to reduce pain, inflammatory manifestations of the disease in patients with gastrointestinal diseases, normalize the secretory activity of the stomach and intestinal microflora, improve intestinal motility, improve blood and lymph circulation in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract, intensify the work of the digestive tract and the subsequent normalization of body weight. Patients with gastroesophagal reflux disease (GERD) are referred to balneotherapy, climatherapy and mud therapy resorts. Drinking treatment is possible in the period of remission; low-and medium-mineralized waters, chloride-bicarbonate sodium-calcium waters are used. In chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, hydro-carbonate-chloride sodium-calcium - with reduced secretory activity; sodium-magnesium sulfate, sodium hydro carbonate, sodium bicarbonate-sodium sulfate - low and medium salinity - with normal and increased secretion. With changes in the tone of the gallbladder, bile ducts and their sphincters, with impaired outflow of bile, drinking treatment with sulphate-sodium, sufatno-magnesium, bicarbonate and calcium waters is prescribed. Including for tubeless tubules (this method is contraindicated in cholelithiasis, cholestasis, acute hepatitis, exacerbations of cholecystitis and erosive and ulcerative gastritis in the ovarian tract and duodenum. Patients are referred to spa-resort treatment after surgery on the biliary tract in a generally satisfactory condition with a postoperative rifle scar not less than 1 month after surgery; postcholecystectomy syndrome with moderate biliary dyspepsia. With chronic hepatitis outside the active phase. Contraindications are severe forms of reflux esophagitis, reflux esophagitis with severe cardiac manifestations, reflex angina pectoris, a combination of reflux esophagitis with hernia of the esophageal orifice of the diaphragm, subject to surgical treatment, hyperplastic changes of the gastric mucosa, cicatricial narrowing of the esophagus, pylorus and intestine with impaired patency, rigid and hypertoropic gastritis (Menetrier disease), gastric polyposis - single bleeding polyps, adenomatous polyps on a broad basis with a tendency to grow during the last year, complications after stomach operations. Cholelithiasis with frequent and prolonged seizures that occur in violation of bile drain or signs of active infection.

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