Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST) in Karlovy Vary - indications and contraindications

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Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST) in Karlovy Vary

Studies have shown that the natural nerve signals that are responsible for the body's self-healing are disturbed as a result of aging, injury or disease. The impulse that produces PST is transmitted through the nerve endings and gives the body a signal to restore worn tissues in the body. PST is unique in that it mimics the body's natural signal, activating the normal healing process, and also stimulates the growth and repair of damaged tissue. PST is not an invasive procedure, so when you go through it you can be in any clothes. The patient sits or lies on a special chair or couch. The treated area is inside the PST device. The procedure is carried out for 1 hour, includes 9-12 consecutive sessions. Interruption for 1-2 days is allowed after at least 5 sessions. In addition, two procedures are allowed per day if the interval between them is 4 hours. The therapeutic effect reaches its peak at 6-12 weeks after completion of therapy.

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