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Zámecký vrch 34, 36001 Karlovy Vary

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Expert opinion

The most important advantage of “Bristol Georgy House” is its treatment center with a diagnostic base - the largest among other sanatoriums and spa hotels in Karlovy Vary. Guests of the spa hotel can undergo a detailed examination on modern medical equipment with a high degree of accuracy. This is comfortable for people who come to a spa hotel, while having several different diseases at the same time. Treatment center allows overnight to treat some diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, metabolic disorders. In my opinion, the presence in the spa hotel of such a procedure as an underwater spine traction suggests that the quality of treatment of the musculoskeletal system here is an order of magnitude greater than many other well-known spa hotels in Karlovy Vary. Moreover, the doctors of the spa hotel have 15 years of experience in carrying out the above procedure. Evaluating the comfort of "Bristol Georgy House", I note that the rooms in it are the best in terms of amenities, interior design, and one of the most spacious among all the other spa hotels of the “Bristol” group. A small number of rooms allows you to keep a quiet atmosphere in the spa hotel. The food organized for guests of the “Bristol Georgy House” in the restaurant of the spa hotel “Bristol Palace” is characterized by a variety of international and Czech cuisine, the availability of a numbered system of diets and vegetarian food.


  • FREE transfer from Prague Airport or Karlovy Vary to the spa resort
  • in the spa hotel one of the most modern and high-quality medical base at the resort
  • thermal mineral water from the “Hot” spring has been brought to the medical and health department for some water treatments
  • there is a medical laboratory in the spa hotel, which allows for more than 25 types of laboratory research
  • modern diagnostic center offering a wide range of examinations
  • private pool 21x7 meters with hydromassage and countercurrent
  • in the treatment of the spine apply a unique procedure for the spa "underwater spine traction"
  • over 50% of employees work in a spa hotel for over 20 years, which has a positive effect on the quality of guest service
  • the resort has large and comfortable rooms, each of them has a balcony

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