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Zahradní 9, 36001 Karlovy Vary
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Hotel "Concordia" is a depandant of the spa hotel "Krivan", where guests receive treatment, food and use all services. The distance to the main building is 100 meters. Also it is 100 meters to the springs of drinking mineral water Garden Colonnade. To the Mill Colonnade it is 350 meters, to the Hot Colonnade - 700 meters, and the route to them does not include ascents and descents. Meals in the spa hotel is quite corresponds to level 3*, it is important to note that there' s a nutritionist among the staff. All rooms of the hotel have recently undergone a comprehensive renovation, with TVs, refrigerators, electric kettles and climate control systems everywhere. There are no safes in the rooms, valuable things can be left in a safe at the reception for an extra payment. The balconies in single and double rooms are not everywhere, the apartments have balconies in each room. Doctor's examination and all medical and health-improving procedures of the hotel "Concordia" are held in the clinic of the spa hotel "Krivan". We offer more than 40 different types of procedures, and in terms of quality and organization of treatment, this spa hotel is among the top ten spa facilities in Karlovy Vary. Thermal water from the Hot spring is brought there, gas injections, various physiotherapeutic and electrical procedures, floating, extremiter, colonoscopy are performed. The spa hotel has several doctors on a permanent basis, a nurse is on duty around the clock, who can provide first aid. Spa hotel "Krivan" has a pool with diluted thermal water, for an extra cost, but it can be appointed as a procedure. There are several types of saunas and a salt cave.


  • hotel guests receive treatment in the building of the spa hotel "Krivan", which is only 100 meters away; "Krivan" has three doctors; children from 7 years old are accepted for treatment
  • there is a special oncology program at the spa hotel "Krivan"
  • in the resort area of the spa hotel "Krivan" there is a salt cave for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases
  • restaurant of the spa hotel "Krivan" has developed a numbering system of diets, there is a staff nutritionist

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