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Sadova 5, 360 01 Karlovy Vary
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“Krivan” is among the resorts of Karlovy Vary with the most high-quality treatment facilities and a wide range of proposed procedures. Ideal for people who have problems not only with the gastrointestinal tract, but also with the musculoskeletal system. A distinctive feature of the medical base of the spa hotel is the presence of the procedure "floating", which is carried out on the basis of water with salts from the Dead Sea, which has both healing and relaxing effect. Spa hotel “Krivan” also has its own salt cave, which is optimal for guests who have, in addition to gastrointestinal problems, associated respiratory diseases. There may be inconvenience for people with disabilities: on the procedures you have to walk up the stairs, and the bathrooms are small and not equipped with handrails and other special devices.


  • thermal mineral water is brought to the spa hotel, which is used for carrying out some water procedures
  • the spa hotel is close to the main springs of thermal water, just 50 meters from the Park colonnade
  • there are 3 doctors in the medical department
  • there is a special oncology program in the spa hotel
  • wellness center with three saunas and a 12x5 meter swimming pool filled with thermal water and tap water in the ratio 49:51
  • the presence of a salt cave for the treatment and prevention of respiratory organs
  • the restaurant has developed a numbering system of diets, a full-time nutritionist works
  • spa hotel “Krivan” accepts children from the age of 7 on treatment
  • 50 meters from the spa hotel private garage with 50 seats
  • in the spa-hotel “Slovan” there is a large playground on the street and a game room inside, for the guests of “Krivan” - FREE OF CHARGE
  • for guests of “Krivan” there is always open a rest room in the spa hotel “Slovan” with a library and a pool table (snooker)

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