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Divadelní náměstí 43/5, 36001 Karlovy Vary
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Expert opinion

Spa Hotel «Olympia» combines a high level of comfort, good service, friendly staff and high-quality classic Karlovy Vary treatment with a wide range of procedures. The spa hotel is optimally suited for guests of the resort who wish to undergo a comprehensive treatment, as the «Olympia» treatment base allows treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, and partially the cardiovascular system. High-quality diet therapy can improve the condition of people with metabolic problems, diabetes.


  • FREE transfer from Prague Airport or Karlovy Vary to the spa hotel
  • the spa hotel has thermal water from its own spring, which is used during the water treatment procedures
  • located 100 meters from the main thermal mineral water spring «Hot»
  • the restaurant has organized a number system diet for different types of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolic disorders
  • having a private pool measuring 5x14 meters

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