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Tržiště 3/26, 360 01 Karlovy Vary
  • Quality of treatment
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  • Location of the spa hotel

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  • Karlovy Vary
Expert opinion

We recommend the spa hotel “Purkyne” to those who want to live in the center of the spa area of Karlovy Vary and in close proximity to the thermal mineral springs. Comfortable and spacious rooms, combined with the overall quiet, homely atmosphere in the spa hotel, which allows you to fully relax and rest easy. The treatment base is mainly focused on health treatments.


  • location in the center of the resort area of Karlovy Vary
  • 100% natural, undiluted fresh, thermal water from the “Hot” spring is used in balneological procedures
  • children up to 2 years old without food and a separate place live for FREE, older children have discounts
  • there is a fitness room, entrance is FREE

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