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U Imperialu 198/11, 36001 Karlovy Vary
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Expert opinion

Spa hotel "Spa Resort Sanssouci" is distinguished by the quality of the treatment process, comfort in the rooms, quite diverse, including diet, nutrition. Spa-hotel-resort complex "Spa Resort Sansussi" allows you to undergo a full cycle of treatment (a course of drinking treatment with thermal water, therapeutic and recreational procedures, rest), without actually leaving it.


  • FREE transfer from Prague Airport or Karlovy Vary to the spa hotel
  • thermal water from the Hot spring is held in all buildings of the spa hotel “Spa Resort Sanssouci” to partially undergo a course of drinking treatment
  • private indoor pool of 8x16 meters.
  • “Spa Resort Sanssouci” is the largest thermal water consumer in Karlovy Vary with the aim of using it in therapeutic procedures
  • in the medical department there is an apparatus for conducting contactless magnetic impulse therapy "BIOCON"
  • 7 highly qualified doctors of various specializations work in the spa hotel, including balneology

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