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U Imperialu 198/11, 36001 Karlovy Vary
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Nadezda Arkaeva 13.03.2020

The sixth time I rest in this spa hotel. This time, all procedures were available and there were no problems.

Writing for holidaymakers. Please, when you are in your room, remember that you are not alone on the floor and it is still a boarding house. My neighbor turned on the TV in such a way that it was impossible to be in the room, even under the shower was all literally heard. On my note, which muffles my TV and the volume of the whole corridor only snorting. On the other hand, there was a couple living together, they turned on the TV and had guests - everything was within reasonable limits.

Spa-Hotel Spa Resort Sanssouci Answer from Spa-Hotel Spa Resort Sanssouci

Dear Mrs. Arkaeva, thank you very much and see you for the seventh time!

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Expert opinion

Spa hotel "Spa Resort Sanssouci" is distinguished by the quality of the treatment process, comfort in the rooms, quite diverse, including diet, nutrition. Spa-hotel-resort complex "Spa Resort Sansussi" allows you to undergo a full cycle of treatment (a course of drinking treatment with thermal water, therapeutic and recreational procedures, rest), without actually leaving it.


  • FREE transfer from Prague Airport or Karlovy Vary to the spa hotel
  • thermal water from the Hot spring is held in all buildings of the spa hotel “Spa Resort Sanssouci” to partially undergo a course of drinking treatment
  • private indoor pool of 8x16 meters.
  • “Spa Resort Sanssouci” is the largest thermal water consumer in Karlovy Vary with the aim of using it in therapeutic procedures
  • in the medical department there is an apparatus for conducting contactless magnetic impulse therapy "BIOCON"
  • 7 highly qualified doctors of various specializations work in the spa hotel, including balneology

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