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Lazenska 1, 34952 Konstantinovy Lazne
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Irina Vitvitskaya 07.08.2019

Impressions of my stay at the spa hotel Prusik is very good. The three of us rested in the apartments - two rooms. The resort is very quiet and calm. Around the wonderful park with fountains with mineral, healing water (slightly carbonated). A lot of quiet secluded places with benches. Every day we went to a neighboring spa hotel in a free swimming pool. On Saturdays and Sundays small music groups arrived - singer and live music. I was provided with a wheelchair. The staff is very polite and friendly. The menu in the dining room, as they say now, is hurt. During the week we tried: venison, rabbit, partridge, pork, beef, chicken, fish (carp). There were four types of meat to choose from for lunch and dinner. The portions are huge. Breakfast is quite varied, to choose from a buffet. There is a cafeteria and a kiosk with barbecue and beer nearby. I didn’t have to use it, because I was fed for slaughter. Of the shortcomings - the apartment did not have a safe and we did not find an air conditioner or fan, and the windows of the room face the sunny side. The most unpleasant thing is a very old folding sofa for a third person. The gap between the sections is so large that it was painful to sleep - the wooden base was digging into our son's body. We did not complain, doubting that the sofa would be replaced. It would be better for us if there was a bed there and three armchairs would take up less space than a sofa that was always open.

Oleksandr Nesterenko 20.07.2019

A very good cardiological spa hotel with diagnostic capabilities - almost a hospital, only very comfortable. Located in the middle of the park, so the air is clean. The staff is very responsive, attentive and friendly, and this applies to doctors, and nurses, and the restaurant, and the reception. Medical support around the clock (if necessary). The room is spacious and comfortable, the Internet is fast enough, the connection is stable. The food in the restaurant is very high quality, the selection of dishes is small, but the quality is excellent. Traditional Czech dishes are especially good. All in all - a great impression.

As a minus, I can name short-term water interruptions on the third floor in the morning. Most likely, this is due to the beginning of bath procedures on the ground floor, since there is no such problem in the afternoon and evening. The problem is not too serious - because the lack of water can last several times for 1 to 2 minutes. But, if these minutes fall out during the shower, they can cause some irritation. And one more remark. This is not a negative, but can be useful when deciding on a visit to a spa hotel. Prusik is still a place of treatment rather than rest, with the appropriate patient population and atmosphere, although in very comfortable conditions and in a beautiful environment.

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Expert opinion

Spa hotel “Prusik” is distinguished by a scientific and practical approach to the treatment of a wide range of heart diseases. Patients receive not only the opportunity to undergo a complete diagnosis of the cardiovascular system, but also effective and approved treatment methods by the best cardiologists in the Czech Republic. We recommend the spa hotel “Prusik” for patients who require serious heart treatment and consultations with the most competent specialists in this field.


  • the largest treatment center in the resort and a high-quality diagnostic base, allowing for a comprehensive examination of the heart
  • 24-hour patient monitoring by a cardiologist
  • the ability of the spa hotel to accept patients for treatment immediately after heart surgery
  • the salt cave in the spa hotel building
  • A 10x12-metre swimming pool in the adjacent wellness center “Konstantin”
  • FREE parking for guests of the spa hotel
  • the staff of the spa hotel speaks English.

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