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Treatment in Konstantinovy Lazne

The main specialization of the Konstantinovy Lazne resort is the treatment of the cardiovascular system diseases. The fact is that local mineral water with a high concentration of carbon dioxide (3,320 mg/L) positively affects the functioning of the heart and stimulates blood circulation.

Treatment in Konstantinovy Lazne

Indications for the treatment of the cardiovascular system in Konstantinovy Lazne:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Blood circulation disorders
  • Thrombophlebitis and thrombosis
  • Angina and arrhythmia
  • Conditions after a myocardial infarction
  • Conditions after heart surgery
  • Conditions after revascularization operations
  • Conditions after acute cardiac arrest
  • Vascular diseases of the lower limbs
  • Conditions after thrombosis

Additionally, in Konstantinovy Lazne are treated diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, metabolism and respiratory system.

How is treatment carried out in Konstantinovy Lazne

Introductory examination by a doctor

After checking into the spa hotel, the patient undergoes a general examination by a doctor, during which an individual course of treatment and health procedures is prescribed. Inspection usually includes an electrocardiographic examination. Guests who come after myocardial infarction also undergo an ECG with a load on a special exercise bike. It is recommended that you bring fresh findings from your cardiologist (a spa card is not required), so as not to waste time on additional examinations of the cardiovascular system.

Introductory examination by a doctor

A feature of the resort Konstantinovy Lazne resort is round-the-clock monitoring (if necessary) of a cardiologist. In particular, the main spa hotel “Prusik” even provides special rooms for continuous round-the-clock monitoring of the condition of patients undergoing postoperative rehabilitation. The most modern medical equipment allows for various diagnostic tests (Holter ECG, Holter blood pressure, resting echocardiography, dopplerography of the vessels of the lower extremities), as well as medical tests (30 types).

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Reviews from our customers about the spa hotels in Konstantinovy Lazne

Аlls Sivkjær 18.10.2019

Quiet place for a relaxing holiday

Spa Hotel Lowenstein (Reviews: 3)
Valerij Schlaht Medvedev 11.10.2019

Good day to all!!! For the third time, my wife and I visited Konstantinovy ​​Lazne... This time we stayed at the spa hotel Lowenstein from September 28 to October 5 and went through a wellness course at the hotel Prusik. Like before, accommodation, medical care, procedures and food were at the highest level (there is nothing to compare, because we were in Padebrady in the summer) ... after carbon dioxide baths and other procedures, you get a supply of energy, blood pressure stabilizes, joints come to life, pain is supported - motor disappear. Separately, we express our gratitude to the attending to the doctor N. Mukhamedshina, at the reception desk Ruslana, at the restaurant Milushka and Sharka ... and many thanks to all the girls in the bathtubs!!! We believe that this spa hotel is underestimated by patients from Europe and Russia. Keep it up !!! See you again ... all good and health !!!

Do not have

Spa Hotel Lowenstein (Reviews: 3)
Larissa Krjutsenko 07.10.2019

Very good hotel, great rooms. Comfortable beds and pillows. Good park area. Beautiful nature.

Monotonous breakfast.

Spa Hotel Lowenstein (Reviews: 3)
Irina Vitvitskaya 07.08.2019

Impressions of my stay at the spa hotel Prusik is very good. The three of us rested in the apartments - two rooms. The resort is very quiet and calm. Around the wonderful park with fountains with mineral, healing water (slightly carbonated). A lot of quiet secluded places with benches. Every day we went to a neighboring spa hotel in a free swimming pool. On Saturdays and Sundays small music groups arrived - singer and live music. I was provided with a wheelchair. The staff is very polite and friendly. The menu in the dining room, as they say now, is hurt. During the week we tried: venison, rabbit, partridge, pork, beef, chicken, fish (carp). There were four types of meat to choose from for lunch and dinner. The portions are huge. Breakfast is quite varied, to choose from a buffet. There is a cafeteria and a kiosk with barbecue and beer nearby. I didn’t have to use it, because I was fed for slaughter. Of the shortcomings - the apartment did not have a safe and we did not find an air conditioner or fan, and the windows of the room face the sunny side. The most unpleasant thing is a very old folding sofa for a third person. The gap between the sections is so large that it was painful to sleep - the wooden base was digging into our son's body. We did not complain, doubting that the sofa would be replaced. It would be better for us if there was a bed there and three armchairs would take up less space than a sofa that was always open.

Spa Hotel Prusik (Reviews: 2)
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How to treat cardiovascular system in Konstantinovy Lazne

The main methods of treatment of the cardiovascular system are:

Carbon bath – it is the main procedure at the resort, during the passage of which through the skin into the body penetrates up to 30 ml of carbon dioxide per minute. It contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, improve blood circulation, the work of the heart muscle, stabilize the heart rhythm, lower blood pressure. Treatment with carbon dioxide baths also has a general strengthening effect on the body.

However, carbon dioxide baths are undesirable for patients with serious circulatory disorders, after recent myocardial infarction, in the presence of blood clots in blood vessels or hypertensive crises. Carbon baths are absolutely contraindicated in case of prolonged attacks of angina pectoris and significant atherosclerosis of cerebral and coronary vessels.

Carbon bath

Dry carbon baths, which are recognized as one of the most effective treatments for cardiological diseases in resorts. The effect of this procedure is similar to the classic aqueous carbon dioxide bath - it expands blood vessels and capillaries, activates the flow of oxygen into the blood, metabolic functions, reduces blood viscosity. Dry carbonic baths are especially indicated for patients who are undesirable to take baths due to the hydrostatic pressure of warm water on their bodies.

Dry carbon baths

Physiotherapy exercises, including training ergometry and wellness treatments in the pool. Exercise therapy strengthens the heart muscle, increases its contractility, activates blood circulation. There is a decrease in cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the risk of blood clots. Nordic (Scandinavian) walking is practiced, which is also part of a health-improving course, helping to stabilize cardiac activity.

Physiotherapy exercises

Effective treatments are also oxygen therapy (increased oxygen in tissues eliminates arrhythmia), breathing exercises (stabilizes the work of the heart, has a strengthening effect on the heart muscle and blood vessels).

As recent studies by European experts have shown, breathing exercises are very useful for the cardiovascular system, as the correct breathing rhythm allows you to retain carbon dioxide in the body, which is involved in many important physiological processes (blood circulation, stable heart function, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, nervous processes).

Oxygen therapy, breathing exercises

The optimal natural and climatic factors of the Konstantinovy Lazne resort (flat terrain and temperate climate) create optimal conditions for the effective treatment of the cardiovascular system.

Treatment of the musculoskeletal system in Konstantinovy Lazne

Often a consequence of the cardiovascular system diseases are problems with the musculoskeletal system. Konstantinovy Lazne resort has a high-quality medical base and qualified medical staff for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Hydrotherapy (pearl baths, underwater massage, whirlpool baths), electrotherapy (diadynamics, biolamp, currents according to Dr. Trabert’s system, ultrasound, magnetotherapy) are used for this. Considerable attention in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system is given to physiotherapeutic methods: physiotherapy exercises, including in the pool, individual rehabilitation, mobilization techniques, therapeutic ergometry, post-isometric relaxation (a special method of muscle relaxation).

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Contraindications for treatment in Konstantinovy Lazne

  • Infectious diseases
  • Malignant tumors
  • Clinical signs of circulatory disorders
  • Acute tuberculosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy

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