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Lázně Libverda 155, 463 62 Libverda

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Tikhonova Ruslana 07.03.2019

Quiet location but all the necessary services are nearby. Comfortable beds. Helpful staff

Owner does not speak Russian

Lidia Filatova 21.02.2019

We rested in February, so we were able to fully enjoy skiing! The guesthouse is simple but very comfortable and comfortable in the rooms. For the price we were pleasantly surprised. The staff was very friendly and tried to fulfill our wishes. We are happy to be back. There were many meat dishes that we do not eat. After contacting the chef, he made an individual menu, for which many thanks again!

Valery Butrimenko 13.02.2019

The price for the room is nice, comfortable accommodation, good location

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  • the spa hotel is surrounded by forest and is ideal for families with children or large companies
  • the spa hotel has only 15 rooms, which contributes to a quiet environment
  • FREE parking

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