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Spa Hotel Palace 4*

Spa Hotel Palace TOP best selling
Good Reviews: 3

treatment rating 7.3/10

overall rating 7.3/10

Spa Hotel "Palace" is located just 500 m from the healing mineral water spring.

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expert assessment

Spa hotel “Palace” provides high-quality spa treatment, offering a wide range of procedures for the treatment of respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, neurological diseases. Guests with concomitant gastrointestinal diseases have the opportunity to undergo a course of diet therapy in the spa hotel.

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Spa Hotel Jurkovicuv Dum 4*

Spa Hotel Jurkovicuv Dum TOP best selling
Exceptional Reviews: 4

treatment rating 8.0/10

overall rating 9.6/10

Spa Hotel "Jurkovicuv Dum" is located directly opposite the colonnade with healing mineral springs.

Starting 80 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Detail of spa hotel
expert assessment

Spa hotel "Jurkovicuv dum" has a very favorable location in terms of access to healing mineral water springs. It is ideal for people who prefer to stay in the center of the resort. The medical department of the spa hotel provides high-quality spa treatment based on natural healing factors. Guests of the resort who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract can undergo diet therapy in the spa hotel.

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