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Reviews about Spa Hotel Jurkovicuv Dum

Lázeňské náměstí 109, 763 26 Luhacovice

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Jane Druzeva 19.04.2019

Everything is excellent!

Galina Grimm 17.04.2019

Interesting design of each room, and the hotel itself. Good soundproofing. The room has everything for convenience. Unusual but very tasty food. Nice swimming pool

Nina Gatina 15.04.2019

Very pleasant staff. Comfortable accommodation. Beautiful city. Convenient location

Leo Pascari 07.04.2019

Convenient location, close to mineral water springs. We noticed the healing effect of water during our stay at the hotel, and we felt much better. Tasty food. All personnel are responsible for the procedures.

  • Luhacovice
Expert opinion

Spa hotel "Jurkovicuv dum" has a very favorable location in terms of access to healing mineral water springs. It is ideal for people who prefer to stay in the center of the resort. The medical department of the spa hotel provides high-quality spa treatment based on natural healing factors. Guests of the resort who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract can undergo diet therapy in the spa hotel.


  • location directly opposite the resort colonnade with healing mineral springs
  • presence of own swimming pool 7x10 m
  • own medical department
  • large selection of diet foods

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