Treatment adenoiditis in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic
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Treatment adenoiditis in Marianske Lazne

Inflammation of the nasopharyngeal tonsils (adenoids), proceeding in acute, subacute or chronic form. Patients with adenoiditis complain of discomfort in the nose, snoring, difficult or impossible nasal breathing, purulent or mucous discharge, nasal bumps, dry coughing, poor sleep. Without treatment, intoxication syndrome begins, which is characterized by elevated body temperature to 37.5-39 °C, headache, lethargy, persistent drowsiness, loss of appetite. In advanced cases, the bite may change due to deformation of the upper jaw, the facial skull is distorted, apathy and inability to concentrate appear. Medical treatment (antibiotics and antiviral drugs, immunomodulators, vitamins, hyposensitizing agents, vasoconstrictor drops, corticosteroids, etc.), supplemented with physiotherapeutic procedures, for example, tube quartz, laser therapy, electrophoresis, breathing exercises. If the conservative treatment is ineffective, the doctor prescribes surgical treatment - adenoidectomy.

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