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Mírové náměstí 84, 35348 Marianske Lazne
  • Quality of treatment
  • Quality of accommodation
  • Food quality
  • Staff work
  • Location of the spa hotel

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Ludmila Bessmert 14.09.2019

Food was good but it was put in large vats, often in the source (meet). It is much bettter to make a cut from a big piece of meat in front of the guests. I visited once the hotel Novi Lazni for dinner. The presentation was Fantastisk.

Transfer - hotel did not give recommendation to use group transfer. We checked it on the site but not everybody is booking through It should be advertised it’s the hotels. Difficult to find info about events or sightseeing. Still I would like to emphasis that Marianskuje Lazni is is an amazing place! For treatments.

Grand Hotel Pacifik Answer from Grand Hotel Pacifik

Dear guest, thank you for you reference. We try to do our best to fulfil your expectations. About food presentation. Our chef participates in different competitions and as a result is our kitchen and food. Maybe there is a differnce between hotel Nove Lazne but the difference can be between 5* and 4* hotels. About transfer: hotel cannot recommend a group tranfer because we dont have this service. We can book only individual transfer. All events are in hotel programs in 4 languages at the reception desk. Sightseeing places you can ask at the info centre. We look forward to seeing you again in hotel Pacifik or at one of other hotels in our company. Regards, Hotel management

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Expert opinion

In terms of the quality of the medical base, the spa hotel “Pacifik” is among the ten best spa facilities in the Marianske Lazne resort and offers its guests a treatment using natural factors - mineral water, therapeutic mud and natural carbon dioxide. The resort has very professional medical staff, who providing effective treatment. "Pacifik" has a convenient location in relation to the healing mineral springs - only 3 minutes of unhurried walking. At the same time, the spa hotel provides its guests with comfortable accommodation, quality food and excellent service.


  • FREE transfer from Prague Airport or Karlovy Vary to the spa hotel
  • Pacifik is one of the few spa hotels in the resort, where 24 procedures are performed per week (16 on average)
  • just 200 meters from the spa hotel there is a colonnade with healing mineral springs
  • mineral water from the “Forest” spring has been brought to the spa hotel for carrying out some water procedures
  • The “Maria” spring of natural gas, which is used during the gas injections and dry carbon dioxide bath procedures, has been brought to the medical department
  • in the hall of the spa hotel a pump-room with mineral water from the “Forest” spring is installed to undergo a drinking cure
  • in “Pacifik” there works the main spa doctor of Marianske Lazne - Ruzena Vankova, who has more than 30 years experience in spa treatment
  • there is a private pool of 14x9 meters with counterflow and hydromassage jets

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