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Goethovo namesti 1, 35343 Marianske Lazne
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Spa hotel "Maria Spa" includes a very comfortable stay (rooms in the spa hotel in its facilities are among the best at the resort), exclusive types of treatments and unique comfort. Each guest is waited by carefree and high-quality rest. The uniqueness of the “Maria Spa” spa hotel is that it is the only one that carries out the unique procedure “Maria lake with oxygen therapy”. Patients sit in a special pool, CO2 immersed in natural gas to the waist, which is supplied directly from the spring. This procedure improves blood circulation, oxygenates blood, promotes cell regeneration.


  • FREE transfer from Prague Airport or Karlovy Vary to the spa hotel
  • perfect location in the resort
  • all rooms have a balcony with a beautiful view
  • closed private territory with the playground and a place for rest and relaxation
  • there are 24 procedures per week in the spa hotel, almost no one at the resort offers more
  • the Danubius spa hotel complex, to which “Maria Spa” belongs, has three springs of drinking mineral water: “Forest”, “Ambrose” and “Balbina”, as well as a spring of natural carbon dioxide “Mary”. So guests, without leaving the complex, can drink therapeutic mineral water and take dry carbon dioxide baths.

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