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Lázeňská 194, 353 43 Marianske Lazne
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All medical procedures are carried out in the spa complex “Spa Resort Hvezda”, which is among the leaders among the resorts of Marianske Lazne. This is ensured by the professionalism of doctors who adhere to the methods of classical spa therapy, as well as a wide range of procedures that allow for the comprehensive treatment of the body. The spa hotel also has a high level of comfort and service.


  • the spa hotel is located in the center of the resort, near the colonnade with healing mineral springs
  • the spa hotel “Neapol” is connected by a warm covered walkway to the spa hotel “Hvezda”, where guests go for treatment, eat and visit a wellness center
  • in the medical department of the spa hotel "Spa Resort Hvezda", in which guests are being treated, mineral water was held to hold mineral carbonic baths
  • in the complex of spa hotels Danubius, to which “Neapol” belongs, three springs of drinking mineral water - “Forest”, “Ambrozha” and “Balbina”, as well as a spring of natural carbon dioxide “Mary”. So, guests, without leaving the complex, can drink medicinal mineral water and take dry gas baths
  • in the spa hotel "Hvezda" is the largest pool in the resort, the size of 8x18 meters
  • there are 24 procedures per week in the spa hotel, almost no one at the resort offers more
  • in the medical department of the Spa Resort Hvezda there is the only “BioCon-2000W” device in the resort, which is successfully used in the treatment of diseases of the digestive organs and genitals
  • the entire sanatorium complex is equipped with lifts and other amenities for guests with reduced mobility
  • FREE transfer from Prague Airport or Karlovy Vary to the spa hotel

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