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Třebízského 342, 35301 Marianske Lazne
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  • Quality of accommodation
  • Food quality
  • Staff work
  • Location of the spa hotel

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Expert opinion

I recommend the spa hotel "Westend" to those guests who wish to stay in a calm and cozy atmosphere, as well as to those who will only need to undergo a general refresher course of classical Marianske Lazne spa treatments, the range of which is not very large in the spa hotel. I liked the quality of the food here, the assortment of dishes is also small, but all of them are prepared deliciously, if possible, prepared diet food for guests. The advantage is that the road to the springs with curative drinking mineral water leads on a flat terrain. I consider the minus of the spa hotel is the lack of its own parking lot, supplied mineral water, as well as the fact that there is no doctor working here on a permanent basis.


  • opportunity to undergo diagnosis of early development of atherosclerosis
  • the presence of a small pool 3.6 x 5.5 meters - is assigned as a medical procedure
  • high level of individual service for hotel guests
  • FREE rental of the stick for Nordic Walking

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