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Via S. Martino 18, 51016 Montecatini Terme
  • Quality of treatment
  • Quality of accommodation
  • Food quality
  • Staff work
  • Location of the spa hotel

9.4/10 Exceptional Reviews by customers of our site after their stay Reviews: 3 Back to the page of the spa hotel

Philip Tchibis 25.04.2019

Beautiful holiday! First time in Italy, but you fell in love with her with all your heart.

Regina Boduch 19.04.2019

Pleased hotel repairs and staff. Now we can safely recommend this hotel.

Valery Rodin 18.04.2019

Beautiful hotel right in the city center. The railway station is within walking distance. Despite the central location, it is quiet, cozy and green around the hotel. Large rooms, excellent bathroom, beautiful lobby, two restaurants ... easy walking distance to Therma, parks and various cafeterias.

  • Montecatini Terme
Expert opinion

Please note that at this time the hotel “Ercolini & Savi” offers only two meals a day. To view the available rooms, specify the desired dates and the appropriate type of meal in the spa hotel search form.


  • Very comfortable hotel, staff speaking English
  • Quality food at restaurant, diet, gluten-free and vegetarian dishes on the menu
  • Availability of air conditioning in all hotel rooms

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