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Treatment in Naftalan

Multiprofile resort Naftalan in Azerbaijan specializes in treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system, gynecological, neurological and skin diseases, diseases of urogenital and cardiovascular systems. The main medical factor of the resort is naftalan oil, "the thick blood of the earth" - healing oil, which has been extracted for over one hundred years in Naftalan. Exactly its healing properties are the key to successful treatment of many diseases.

Treatment in Naftalan

Indications for treatment in Naftalan

Indications for treatment in Naftalan

Diseases of the locomotor system and musculoskeletal system:

  • Osteochondrosis of the spine
  • Spondylosis of the spine
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Degenerative osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatic arthritis and polyarthritis
  • Gouty polyarthritis
  • Brucella polyarthritis
  • Post-traumatic polyarthritis
  • Myositis, myalgia, bursitis, tendovaginitis, myofasciitis
  • Consequences of cerebral palsy

Skin diseases:

  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Neurodermitis

Peripheral nerve diseases:

  • Neuritis
  • Neuralgias
  • Radiculitis
  • Plexitis

Cardiovascular diseases:

  • Atherosclerosis of limb arteries and terminal abdominal aorta in compensated and subcompensated condition of limb circulation, as well as atherosclerosis in peripheral veins after reconstructive surgery (6-8 weeks after surgery)
  • Varicose veins of the lower extremities
  • Thrombophlebitis of superficial and deep veins of the lower extremities (at least 4 months after deep vein thrombophlebitis, and at least 2 months after superficial vein thrombophlebitis, or when the consequences of a mild form are eliminated)
  • Obliterating endarteritis, atherosclerosis of lower limb vessels (during stable remission in the state of compensation and subcompensation of limb circulation)
  • Raynaud's disease

Gynecological diseases:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the female genital system (adnexitis, salpingo-oophoritis, parametritis, perimetritis, metritis, etc.)
  • Ovarian dysfunction
  • Primary and secondary infertility

Urological diseases:

  • Prostatitis, urethritis
  • Male infertility

At the initial examination, the doctor clarifies the diagnosis (with additional examination or laboratory tests if necessary), determines the possible contraindications for some procedures and prescribes an individual course of treatment. In addition, a doctor balneologist, prescribes a course of treatment using the unique natural factor of the resort - Naftalan oil, taking into account the health of the patient.

How is treatment carried out in Naftalan

Naftalan oil represents a special interest among various warm-healing products of the resort. It differs from commercial types of oil - a thick mass of syrup-like consistency, black-brown in color with an olive shade, with a peculiar smell. This oil is characterized by acidic reaction due to high content of naphthenic acids (from 0.8% to 3%), high viscosity and stickiness, high polycyclicity of naphthenic hydrocarbons. It contains sterols, which undergo changes during distillation.

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When mixed with water, Naftalan oil forms quite stable emulsion. Naftalan oil has a favorable effect on the body, increasing its general reactivity.

Naftalan oil procedures have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and gum stabilizing effect, improve trophic and metabolism in the body, accelerate nerve regeneration after injury, restoring the patency of nerve fibers, reduce motor disorders, increase the threshold of pain sensitivity.

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Naftalan oil-based procedures

Naftalan oil-based procedures

Naftalan baths - General and local (sitting, one-, two- and four-chamber for extremities). General baths at a temperature of 37-38 °C are carried out for 8-10 minutes, in case of skin diseases - 10-15 minutes. Procedures shall be carried out every other day or two days in a row, with a break on the third day. The course of treatment includes 10-15 procedures. Local baths are used at the same temperature as the general, follow the same regime of procedure, the course of 10-12 baths, rarely 15.

Naftalan bath

After the bath the remains of oil are removed from the patient's body with special wooden knives or a special machine, without using wiping material, after which the patient takes a hot shower (38-40 °C), then he is wrapped up and rests for 30-40 minutes in a specially designated room. Native (natural) naftalan is used for all types of baths.

After taking a bath

Naftalan oiling is application of native or deresined naftalan on the skin by a thin brush. Lubricated areas are heated by exposure to thermal radiation energy (solux lamp) from a distance of 75-100 cm. Duration of procedure 10-20 minutes, treatment course 15-20 procedures.

Naftalan oiling

In addition to these techniques, naftalan applications (if small area of the body should be treated) and naftalan emulsion are also used. Thus, in diseases of the joints, the affected joints area is treated, in diseases of the spine - the spine area, in gynecological and urological diseases - panties area.

Natural and desalted naftalan is used for oiling. Desalted naftalan is purified from resinous compounds naftalan, which surpasses the native naftalan by its antibacterial action, it does not irritate the mucous membranes, so it is successfully used both on the skin and in the form of tampons and baths, and also for oiling the mucous membranes of gums, throat, nose and for ultraphonophoresis in the form of oil inhalations.

  • Vaginal tampons - cotton swabs abundantly moistened with deresined naftalan (50-55 °C), introduced into the vagina for 45-60 minutes, treatment course of 15-20 tampons
  • Rectal micro enemas (12-20 ml)
  • Deresined naftalan is used as a contact agent for ultraphonophoresis

Accompanying procedures

Hydrotherapy is represented by pearl, iodobromic and carbonic baths, Charcot shower, intestinal lavage with mountain water, micro enemas and a number of other water procedures. Hydrotherapy increases joint mobility, eliminates muscle spasms and pain, normalizes blood circulation.


Physiotherapy. This category of procedures includes massage (manual, hardware, underwater), hardware lymphatic drainage, dry and underwater stretching of the spine, therapeutic exercises (including in the pool), and swimming. Physiotherapeutic procedures are aimed to restore functions of locomotor and musculoskeletal systems, strengthening particular groups of muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons.


Apparatus physiotherapy in Naftalan is represented by endo-vaco procedures, four-chamber galvanic bath, shockwave therapy, magnetotherapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, electrophoresis, diathermy, darsonvalization and other traditional procedures. This group of procedures is designed to reduce pain and eliminate chronic inflammatory processes.


Gas therapy in the form of subcutaneous injections of natural gas CO2 and dry carbon dioxide baths is widely used. Carbon dioxide injections provide long-term relief from muscle and joint pain, especially in the spine area. Carbon dioxide steam baths reduce the risk of thrombosis, restore normal heart rhythm, increase vascular tone, and generally have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system by activating and strengthening it. Ozone therapy and inhalations are also widely used in the resort.

gas therapy

There are modern functional diagnostics rooms, clinical diagnostic and biochemical laboratories in spa hotels.

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Recommendations and contraindications for treatment in Naftalan

  • Oncological diseases
  • Acute heart failure
  • Liver failure
  • Infectious diseases
  • Internal bleeding, blood diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding period
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Mental illness

Contraindications to naftalan treatment are the same as to heat therapy in general: acute inflammatory diseases and septic processes, bleeding, neoplasms, hepatitis, inflammatory kidney diseases, blood diseases.

We recommend to bring the available results of laboratory tests, medical examinations, the conclusion of the treating physician (no later than six months ago) - to assign a more individual and precise course of treatment. It will also save time and money for medical examinations at the resort.

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