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Ondrej Bouma - CEO


A trip to the resort, as a rule, involves a lot of questions. You need to choose a resort where the treatment will be really effective, a comfortable spa hotel, and take into account many more nuances. After all, the experience of staying at the resort can be ruined by even insignificant trifles.

The task of the SANATORIUMS.COM team is to provide you with the fullest possible information about the spa treatment, and also to make the booking process at as comfortable and fast as possible for you.

Your health is our absolute priority. We look forward to you, dear customers!

Ondrej Bouma CEO Ondrej Bouma


Elena Khorosheva Elena Khorosheva chief doctor
Dagmar Spisakova Dagmar Spisakova Karlovy Vary
Sergey Bortnik Sergey Bortnik Marianske Lazne

Support service

Yevgen Korostelov Yevgen Korostelov head of support services
Elzara Umerova Elzara Umerova
Svetlana Beloshytsky Svetlana Beloshytsky
Svetlana Fedorovich Svetlana Fedorovich
Viktor Malachatka Viktor Malachatka
Elena Polupanova Elena Polupanova
Serhii Sotnyk Serhii Sotnyk
Irina Zamyatina Irina Zamyatina

Video and photography

Alexey Ovsiannikov Alexey Ovsiannikov head of video and photography department
Sergey Veselov Sergey Veselov
Roman Peterych Roman Peterych
Alexandra Zabrodina Alexandra Zabrodina
Dmitry Aleshkin Dmitry Aleshkin
Alexei Solozhentsev Alexei Solozhentsev
Olga Ukhan Olga Ukhan
Elena Smagjuk Elena Smagjuk
Genadij Banakov Genadij Banakov
Vladimir Kutovoj Vladimir Kutovoj

Transfer department

Petr Plzák Petr Plzák head of transfer department
Alexey Kurylev Alexey Kurylev
Frantisek Linhart Frantisek Linhart
Ninel Pryshenko Ninel Pryshenko
Pavel Hric Pavel Hric
Milan Lunacek Milan Lunacek
Oleh Kishko Oleh Kishko
Jurij Hecko Jurij Hecko
Olena Vasiukova Olena Vasiukova

Advertising and SEO

Dmitry Koreniev Dmitry Koreniev head of the advertising department
Evgenij Manirko Evgenij Manirko
Viktor Viennikov Viktor Viennikov head of the SEO department
Oksana Stognii Oksana Stognii

Graphics and Content

Milan Dusek Milan Dusek head of graphics department
Kirill Buryak Kirill Buryak
Alexey Barsukov Alexey Barsukov head of content department
Elena Lazareva Elena Lazareva
Alina Kuznetsova Alina Kuznetsova

Programming department

Lubor Bilek Lubor Bilek head of programming department
Evgenij Lugovoj Evgenij Lugovoj
Michail Hornostai Michail Hornostai
Jakub Husek Jakub Husek
Pavel Hadac Pavel Hadac

Excursions / Delegates

Irena Milerova Irena Milerova head of Excursions / Delegates, Czech Republic
Olena Ozirska Olena Ozirska Czech Republic

Department of work with hotels

Alexandra Gorbataya Alexandra Gorbataya head of the department of work with hotels
Yulia Ovsiannikova Yulia Ovsiannikova
Galina Macueva Galina Macueva
Gulali Mirzayev Gulali Mirzayev
Yaroslava Polupan Yaroslava Polupan
Jana Shevchenko Jana Shevchenko
Daniyil Goncharenko Daniyil Goncharenko
Alexandr Romanenko Alexandr Romanenko

Branch in Germany

Anastasia Folak Anastasia Folak Branch manager in Germany
Oleksandra Gonchar Oleksandra Gonchar

English-speaking department

Marina Pochinskaya Marina Pochinskaya English-speaking market manager

Financial director

Zora Jahodova Zora Jahodova

Chief counsel

Jiri Janeba Jiri Janeba