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1, Kuršių tak, 00317 Palanga
  • Quality of treatment
  • Quality of accommodation
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  • Staff work
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Igor Kushnikov 12.07.2019

Good afternoon! Have a rest with my wife at the hotel from 13 to 28 June 2019. We liked everything. Some inconveniences were caused by the placement of the medical base in another building.

Alexander Forat 20.01.2019

Everything is great! I liked it very much, we were in the Amber Palace itself, and the procedures were held in the neighboring hotel Energetikas. As for the staff of both hotels, solid 5+, friendly and pleasant, food was good and everything was very tasty, cleaning was always on time and in general the stay was very comfortable.

1. It was inconvenient that the procedures were held in another spa hotel and had to move after water procedures on the street 50 meters. In bad weather it was uncomfortable. 2. There were young employees at the procedures, who were very friendly, but did not understand Russian language well.

  • Palanga


  • the hotel opened in 2013, all rooms and interiors in perfect condition
  • own wellness centre with swimming pool, jacuzzi, Finnish, Turkish and infrared sauna
  • most rooms have a balcony or terrace with sea views that is less than 100 meters away

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