Mud applications in Palanga - indications and contraindications
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Mud applications in Palanga

Mud applications are the imposition of a layer of therapeutic mud (silt 4-6 cm, peat 6-8 cm) on different parts of the body, depending on the doctor's prescriptions in the localization of the pathological process. Usually the temperature of the mud is 38-42 degrees Celsius. There are several types of mud applications: "collar" (overlaying a layer of dirt on the collar area), "panties" (on the groin), "socks", "gloves". There are 3 phases in mud therapy. The first is the reflex phase, when the dirt acts on the skin receptors and it is through them that the central nervous system is affected (the central nervous system is responsible for the self-regulation of important vital processes in the body). The second phase is neurochemical, when biologically active substances are synthesized in the body, their circulation in the blood. The third phase is the reaction to the effects of therapeutic mud: the blood supply to various tissues and organs improves, the absorption of oxygen increases, the products of inflammatory processes (harmful substances, slags) are removed from the body, the protective mechanisms of the body are activated. The third phase is the longest of all (from 2 to 24 hours). Since mud applications are accompanied by less overheating of the body, put less stress on the cardiovascular system, they are more easily tolerated than mud baths.

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