How to choose best hotel in Piestany, Slovakia

How to choose a spa hotel in Piestany

Dear friends! Today we’ll talk about how to choose a spa hotel in the resort of Piestany in Slovakia. We will compare all spa houses by several criteria: by location on Kupelny Island, by level of comfort, by the quality of food and medical facilities. We are reminded that at the Piestany resort patients come to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including: spinal diseases, post-traumatic and postoperative conditions, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis. Also here treat concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and skin.

Location of spa hotels

Spa Hotel Pro Patria

Spa hotel «Pro Patria» 2* is located at the beginning of the resort island. The spa hotel has its own medical department, but some procedures are carried out in the neighboring balneological center “Napoleon”, which is 20 meters away. “Pro Patria” has its own mirror and mud thermal pools, however, there is no swimming pool and saunas. You can swim and steam in the wellness center of the spa hotels «Balnea Esplanade» and «Balnea Palace» for an additional fee.

A few words about the rooms of the spa hotel "Pro Patria". From the pros: not the smallest rooms, new beds and mattresses, free Wi-Fi, new widescreen TVs, new carpet. Among the cons: there is no balcony, refrigerator, safe only at the reception. For those who want more comfort, there are spacious "Premium" rooms with a large bed and air conditioning. Some rooms of each category are designed for people with disabilities.

The food in the spa hotel is normal, but rather small portions. For breakfast buffet, for lunch and dinner, a 4-course selection, as well as a buffet with salads. In the spa hotel "Pro Patria" there is no dietitian or dietary nurse, but there are no fatty, harmful dishes in the assortment. The lack of a buffet for lunch does not make it possible to overeat, there is always a large selection of fresh vegetables, salads, in general - good balanced nutrition.

Spa Hotel Balnea Splendid and Balnea Splendid Grand

Buildings of spa hotels «Balnea Splendid» 3* and «Balnea Splendid Grand» 3* are located at the end of Kupelny Island. These resorts have common swimming pools (internal and external) and saunas.

The spa hotels rooms underwent cosmetic renovation in 2017, then new beds and new mattresses were installed, a new carpet was laid, old bulky TVs were replaced by large LCD models. All rooms have spacious balconies with plastic chairs and a table. Bathrooms have high-side baths, which can be inconvenient for guests suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. All rooms have refrigerators, no air conditioning, only fans. In general, the rooms are quite comfortable, except that in hot summer days the lack of air conditioning can be a problem.

Spa hotels «Balnea Splendid» and «Balnea Splendid Grand» have three restaurants of their own: «Viedeň» («Vienna»), «Praha» and «Berlín». All three restaurants serve the same dishes, only in the "Berlín" restaurant you can additionally order individual dishes according to the «A'la carte» system. Breakfasts are served in the form of a buffet, for lunch and dinner - a choice of three types of main dishes, two soups, salads, fresh vegetables, fruits and desserts on the buffet table. There is no dietary food as such in restaurants, because Piestany resort does not specialize on the tretment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Spa Hotels Balnea Esplanade and Balnea Palace

The spa hotels «Balnea Esplanade» 4* and «Balnea Palace» 4* are located in the middle of Kupelny island. These resorts have a general reception, located in the "Balnea Esplanade" building. Of the differences between these spa houses, we want to emphasize that all "Balnea Esplanade" rooms have balconies, while the "Balnea Palace" has no full balconies. The rest of the spa hotels is the same and guests enjoy the same range of amenities, including saunas, outdoor and indoor pools.

In the video you can see the panorama of the resort from a bird's eye view, on which the impressive sizes of the "Esplanade" and "Palace" resorts are clearly visible. The interiors are spacious, everywhere there are wide stairs, and in the same “Esplanade” there are already 4 elevators that automatically descend to the 1st floor.

In the spa hotel "Esplanade" there are superior rooms that underwent reconstruction in 2017-2018. All rooms are very comfortable, everywhere new carpet, high beds, pillow menu, good furniture, widescreen televisions, minibars. Air conditioning only in the apartments, in rooms of other categories - a fan. Bathrooms also have high-side bathtubs, showers only in apartments.

There are several restaurants in the spa hotels "Esplanade" and "Palace", but the cuisine is the same everywhere. Breakfast is a standard buffet with a large selection of vegetables, salads, dairy and bakery products. Guests staying in "Premium" rooms eat at the separate restaurant "Gallery".

All resort houses of the "Balnea" group - "Esplanade", "Palace", "Splendid" and "Splendid Grand" - have the same treatment department. Exactly in the center of "Balnea" an introductory examination is carried out by a doctor, appointments are made out and here guests undergo procedures. A modern medical department, well-coordinated work of staff and innovative equipment make it possible to serve hundreds of patients every day. The "Balnea" hospital has two receptions - medical and bathing. Patients can receive assignments approved by the doctor and emergency care at the medical center, and procedure schedules at the bathing room.

Intermediate conclusions. All 4 spa hotels of the "Balnea" group are in many respects similar. Food is at the same level, the treatment is the same, comfort in 4* spa hotels is slightly higher, which is quite logical. The only difference is in the bathrooms: in the four-star "Esplanade" and "Palace", the bathrooms are more spacious, modern and comfortable. We want to draw your attention to the fact that each spa hotel in Piestany has its own parking, in this regard there are no problems on Kupelny Island.

Spa Hotel Thermia Palace

Spa hotel «Thermia Palace» is the only five-star spa hotel in the Piestany resort. Not surprisingly, the spa hotel wins in terms of comfort and the range of services provided. For example, the entrance has its own drinking spring. The advantage of «Thermia Palace» is also its location on Kupelny island, as it is closest to the center of Piestany and all its attractions. Only a small pedestrian bridge across the Vag River separates the spa hotel from the city. Another significant advantage is the private pool, partially filled with thermal water, while the pools of all other Piestany spa hotels are filled with exclusively fresh water.

The rooms in the spa hotel "Thermia Palace" 5* deserve high marks. Everywhere there are large LCD TVs, tea sets with an electric kettle, quality furniture and climate control systems. Guests are provided with bathrobes and slippers to wear for treatment. The rooms can accommodate pets, everywhere there are balconies with beautiful views of the spa park, courtyard and the Vag river. Bathrooms are also comfortable, baths have low sides. For the convenience of guests, 2 elevators are installed in the building of the spa hotel.

The quality of food in the Thermia Palace spa hotel is higher than in other spa houses of Piestany. Breakfast includes a large selection of various snacks, vegetables, fruits and drinks. Lunches and dinners are carried out by choice from the menu (4 main dishes), complemented by a buffet with two types of soup, fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, pastries. There is no dietary food, but there are always cholesterol-free dishes and vegetarian meals on the menu. By individual agreement, chefs will prepare meals according to your diet.

Guests of the Spa hotel "Thermia Palace" undergo treatment at the "Irma" balneological center. All medical and recreational procedures are carried out there, including unique swimming in the mirror and mud thermal pools, other water procedures, peloid therapy, electrotherapy, light therapy, massage and gymnastics.

To sum up

We rated all the resorts in the Piestany resort in Slovakia and we want to summarize our observations. To the most comfortable, of course, we assign «Thermia Palace», but living in it is not cheap. Further in the comfort rating we placed the spa hotels «Balnea Esplanade» and «Balnea Palace». They are followed by «Balnea Splendid Grand», «Balnea Splendid» and «Pro Patria».

Overall rating of the spa hotels in Piestany

Spa Hotel Thermia Palace

Spa Hotel Thermia Palace 5*

From 130 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Balnea Esplanade

Spa Hotel Balnea Esplanade 4*

From 106 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Balnea Palace

Spa Hotel Balnea Palace 4*

From 102 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Balnea Splendid Grand

Spa Hotel Balnea Splendid Grand 3*

From 73 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Balnea Splendid

Spa Hotel Balnea Splendid 3*

From 80 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa-Hotel Pro Patria

Spa-Hotel Pro Patria 2*

From 55 € per 1 day full board and treatment


Assessing the treatment base, I would like to note that due to the natural factors of the Piestany resort, the treatment will be quite effective if the patient stops at any of the Piestany spa hotels or spa houses. I would like to highlight some procedures that are not found in all hotels. For example, very important and effective mirror and mud thermal pools, which are only in the spa hotels "Thermia Palace" and "Pro Patria". Guests of the spa hotels “Esplanade”, “Palace”, “Splendid” and “Splendid Grand” undergo treatment in one health institution - the hospital “Balnea”, where sometimes it becomes very crowded, which can be considered as its rare flaw.

If we talk about the innovativeness of the treatment base, about the furnishing, equipment and comfort of treatment rooms, then in the case of Piestany we can say that all these parameters directly depend on the status of the hotel, on its “stardom”. Use all the features of our site, see photos and copyright videos, where we detail the features of accommodation, food and treatment in each of the spa hotels of Piestany resort. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and call us at the numbers indicated on the website, or send questions to We wish you good health!

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