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Treatment arthrosis (osteoarthrosis) in Piestany

Chronic degenerative joint diseases, during the development of which the cartilage is destroyed, the surrounding capsules, synovial membranes, ligaments, periarticular muscles and adjacent bone structures are affected. The main reason for the development of arthrosis is metabolic disturbances, but a large proportion of cases are caused by injuries, congenital malformations, high loads, obesity, etc. Joint pain is the main symptom of arthrosis, from a weak and short-term it develops into a pronounced disease with the course of the disease, the joint hurts at night and "in the weather". Crunch and discomfort, stiffness, limited movement, muscle contractures, joint deformities appear. Comprehensive treatment of arthrosis is aimed at stopping further destruction of the articular cartilage and preserving its functions. It includes behavioral therapy, exercise therapy, drug therapy, physiotherapy. In advanced cases, surgical treatment is required - endoprosthetics.

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