Treatment intervertebral disc lesions in Piestany, Slovakia
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Treatment intervertebral disc lesions in Piestany

The cause of osteochondrosis is always a lesion of the intervertebral discs, which in turn develop against the background of hereditary predisposition and under the influence of various pathological factors. Due to degenerative-dystrophic changes, intervertebral discs lose their ability to regenerate, their blood supply is disturbed, cracks and ruptures form in the fibrous disc ring, hernias progress. Symptoms depend on the location of the lesion. Patients complain of pain in the back of the head, neck, between the shoulder blades, heaviness in the shoulder girdle, stiff neck movements, numbness of the fingers during sleep. If the thoracic region is affected, the spinal muscles begin to tire quickly, it becomes problematic to be in a standing position for a long time, pains of varying intensity along the entire spine are disturbed. With the defeat of the discs in the lumbar spine, pain syndrome progresses, and with sudden movements or an attempt to lift weights, the pain becomes piercing, radiating to the buttocks and legs. For the purpose of treatment, the load on the spine is limited, corrective orthopedic structures are selected, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage sessions and drug therapy are prescribed. Surgical intervention is indicated for the failure of conservative treatment.

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