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Treatment neuritis in Piestany

Inflammatory disease of the peripheral nerve or group of nerves (polyneuritis), characterized by pain and numbness along the nerve, paresthesia, decreased sensitivity in the nerve innervation zone, paresis can develop up to paralysis of the innervated muscles, their atrophy, deterioration or loss of tendon reflexes. Neuritis is characterized by vegetative and trophic disorders: swelling, cyanosis and dry skin, local hair loss, sweating, brittle nails, the formation of trophic ulcers. Neuritis develops mainly due to violations of metabolic and vascular processes, their injury, due to tumors or infections, hypothermia or dehydration. Treatment of neuritis is aimed at eliminating the cause: antibacterial therapy and antiviral drugs for infectious neuritis, vasodilators for ischemic neuritis, immobilization of the limb for traumatic neuritis, etc. At the end of the first week of the course of the disease, physiotherapy is prescribed. In extreme cases, a neurosurgeon performs a decompression, suturing or plastic nerve surgery.

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