Treatment raynaud syndrome in Piestany, Slovakia
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Treatment raynaud syndrome in Piestany

Raynaud syndrome - vasospasm of small vessels of the limbs, as a reaction to cold or emotional experiences. At the time of the attacks, Raynaud's syndrome manifests as paresthesia, a sharp cooling of the fingers, the skin of the distal phalanges becomes alabaster-white and then blue. Numbness alternates with burning, shooting pain, a feeling of distention. The attack ends with a flushing of the skin and a subjective sensation of heat in the fingers. In some cases, in addition to the fingers, the chin and the tip of the nose are affected. Without adequate timely treatment, Raynaud syndrome can provoke the formation of long-healing trophic ulcers, necrotic areas, the development of osteolysis, deformations of the phalanges and nails, gangrene. The basis of treatment is to identify and limit the influence of provoking factors. Conservative therapy includes taking vasodilators, calcium antagonists, ACE inhibitors and other medications indicated by the doctor. It helps psychotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, oxygen barotherapy. Sympathectomy is performed in severe cases.

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